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Truly stunning: the most unique hotels in Switzerland!

Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

In the world of Swiss hospitality, there more hotels than even an avid traveler could ever stay at. Of course, Switzerland has more than enough off-the-rack chain hotels. But there are just as many family-owned boutique hotels, some typically Swiss chalet hotels, and a fair share of stunningly unique hotels.

As you can tell, with some 4600 hotels in Switzerland, the choices are many. But standing out are a group of truly unique hotels in must-see destinations such as Lucerne or the Rhine Falls. Find some inspiration below and let me make a prediction: you will want to pack your bags and check into one of these truly unique hotels in Switzerland...

The Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel in Valais

I cannot imagine a better place to get snowed in than the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel in Valais. The 18 domes are managed with sustainability in mind, whereas waste is recycled and the use of water and energy is limited. While placed in the middle of nature, it is good to know that the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel aims to minimize its ecological footprint.

There are several themed pod suites and naturally, we are drawn to the Swiss Pod Suite! But maybe it is the "007" pod, the "Forest" pod, or the "Zen" pod suite with its Japanese-inspired design that rings your bell... Each suite has its own sauna, a private bar, and breakfast delivery!

Whitepod Eco Resort
Copyright Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

Sleep in a real igloo in the Swiss Alps

Who thought that igloos can only be found at the North Pole? Ideal to spend a special occasion, the igloo village offers unexpected surprises such as bonfires, nighttime walks, a sauna or Jacuzzi, and beautiful snow carvings. It can get really cold up there on the glaciers, so it is good to know that many igloo villages now have a heated "escape room"... Obviously, these hotels are seasonal and can be found in seven different Swiss hot spots - no pun intended!

Igloo Village in Engelberg, Switzerland

The Hotel Palafitte in Neuchâtel sits on stilts

Once built as a temporary installation for Switzerland's national exposition, the Hotel Palafitte with its five-star rating has become a permanent fixture. Staying in Europe's only hotel built on stilts is actually very luxurious. There are 26 private bungalows with direct lake access, each containing a display of historic artifacts from the former lake dwellings.

Hotel Palafitte Neuchâtel

The TCS Pop-Up Glamping Village in Laax

This summer, don't we all deserve a break? The alpine TCS Pop-Up Glamping village in Laax meets all the requirements for an unforgettable micro-adventure in Switzerland.

From June through about mid-September, reserve your very own canvas tent. Each tent is securely mounted on a sturdy wooden platform. Inside, find many of the amenities you would expect from a basic hotel room: a coffee maker, a heating unit, and even a power outlet. In addition, each tent comes with a sustainable Kompotoi outhouse.

As if this were not enough, there are two deluxe tents for those who prefer glamping to be even more "glamorous". Each tent is three times the size of a standard tent and includes a double bed, a dining space, a lounge, and a private terrace. There's even a fridge to keep the champagne cool…

TCS Pop-up Glamping Laax
Copyright TCS

A Mongolian yurt on Alp Flix in Graubünden

Switzerland's elevation is similar to Mongolia, so it only makes sense to offer a Mongolian experience. At Alp Flix in scenic Graubünden, five original Mongolian yurts with no-frills await guests wanting to escape city life. The huts are advertised as having no power and heat from a wood-burning stove only.

Mongolian Yurt - Alp Flix

Cuddle up in a wine barrel near the Rhine Falls

You have surely never thought of sleeping in a giant wine barrel! These oak barrels are open for business from May through October, and you get the choice between individually placed old barrels and a new barrel hotel akin to a Japanese capsule hotel.

They are located in close proximity to Schaffhausen and the Rhine Falls, but don't fret: they are safely secured, so you will not be tumbling down the falls in the middle of the night... The Weinfass Hotel Rüedi sure takes that Swiss farming experience to the extreme!

Weinfass Hotel Rüedi
Copyright Weinfass Hotel Rüedi

Bubble hotels in Thurgau

These futuristic, translucent bubble hotels are scattered throughout canton Thurgau. Four of them have been placed in a flower garden, an apple orchard, and even a vineyard. Each bubble contains a double mattress and amenities to spend a romantic night in nature.

Bubble Hotel by Thurgau Tourism
Copyright Thurgau Tourism

Corippo: stay at this ancient Ticino hotel village

The small village of Corippo in Ticino is Switzerland's first scattered hotel. With amazing views of the Verzasca Valley, several of the centuries-old stone houses serve as hotel "rooms" with all the facilities you will need for a comfortable stay.

The reception for Corippo Albergo Diffuso, as well as the shared dining hall, are located inside the town's Osteria restaurant. Look out for the fresh bread at breakfast; it is baked with flour that was processed in the town's restored mill.

Corippo in Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

Now, go out and try one of these unique hotels in Switzerland! Which one of these is your favorite?

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Dimitri Burkhard

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