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My Love Affair with the Migros Cult Popsicles

Migros Ice Cream - Chocolate

Good things never change.

Thirty years ago during those hot summer days, I used to sit on top of a freezer at my grandma's house. From the record player, Jörg Schneider would narrate the suspenseful Kasperli story of "Die beide Räuber Joggel und Toggel". And in my hand: A chocolate popsicle from Migros!


Migros: A Creative Packaging Pioneer

This summer, the only Swiss ice-cream with a cult following is celebrating the 40th anniversary. The original varieties are best known for the iconic bear (chocolate), monkey (strawberry) or seal (vanilla) decorating the packaging. And in all those years, not a thing has changed about that design...

The story is that the ice-cream packaging emerged in 1975 from the newly opened "creative packaging" department at Migros. Hans Uster, a graphic designer and head of the department at the time, came up with the legendary look as one of his first assignments. Using vibrant colors in packaging was a novelty at a time when staple foods came in shades of brown.

Migros Ice Cream - Strawberry

Migros Ice Cream - Vanilla


After all those years, my favorite flavor is still chocolate! What's yours?

Migros Ice Cream Variety

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