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Oh! sweetest thing – The Magical Cupcake Wonderland in Zürich

oh! sweetest thing - American Cupcakes in ZürichThere are a lot of cupcakes out there. But every now and then, you come across a little cake with colorful frosting that lets your heart skip a beat - and not because of a sugar overdose.

Cupcakes come in all kinds of colors and flavors. And if you are lucky, the special ingredient is love. If you are visiting Oh! sweetest thing in Zurich, you will eat cupcakes that are not only made with extra love - there is also a cup of passion: 16 tablespoons of spunk and 48 heaped teaspoons full of joy.

Together with some actual ingredients, all of this is thoroughly mixed by baker extraordinaire Rahel, put in the oven for just the right amount of time, and then sold by Cupcake Queen, Fräulein Meier.

The result is simply divine: This must be what unicorns eat for dinner.

Oh! sweetest thing opened the doors to its magical Cupcake Wonderland in May 2014. Ever since then, Fräulein Meier and the team have attracted customers from near and far and made them fall in love with their cupcakes, cakes, chocolate fingers, treats and coffee.

For breakfast, you can get a croissant or pain au chocolate - or simply a coffee. (Good luck trying to leave the cafe without a sweet treat.) There is Quiche Tuesday, but cupcakes are every day. Soon, Oh! sweetest thing will start selling bagels: There is something for everyone - no matter how sweet (or savory) your tooth is.

oh! sweetest thing - American Cupcakes in Zürich

The Recipe for Success

Fräulein Meier, the owner and mastermind behind Oh! sweetest thing, has always loved baking, the 1950s, and all things sweet. Before she decided to combine the best of those worlds and decorate it with sprinkles and frosting, she worked office jobs and practiced selling her cupcakes at her market stand.

She made a cupcake internship in London (OMG! How cool is that?) where she learned the sweet tricks of the trade. A sublet room in a bakery became her cupcake headquarters from where she took on catering jobs and steadily grew her fan base.

The dream to have her own business was always in the back of her mind - until it took center stage when there was a room in the newly built Kalkbeite Komplex in Zürich.

After applications, presentations, business plans and a lot of late nights spent with baking, building and painting, Fräulein Meier first won over the hearts (and stomachs) of the Kalkbreite jury - and then of all its neighbors and customers.

oh! sweetest thing - American Cupcakes in Zürich

One of each, please!

I have definitely lost my heart at Oh! sweetest thing. On a foggy afternoon, I sacrificed myself and tried almost everything Fräulein Meier had on display in her cafe - I know, life as a Newly Swissed writer is tough...

My verdict: Everything is delicious and you should order one of each at least once - and then start over (and over again). There are so many different varieties and seasonal specials, this should be a piece of cake (pun intended!).

Besides the cafe and the bakery, Oh! sweetest thing also does catering. Whether for a party or with company logo for your employees, if you need super cute cupcakes in Zürich, Fräulein Meier and her team have you covered. Extra love included.


Trick or (Oh! sweetest) treat!

From Oct 27 until Nov 1, 2014, Oh! sweetest thing will celebrate Halloween with special cupcakes and spooky treats. From what I can tell, you do not want to miss it!


More Information

- How to get there
- Hours: Mo -Fr 7 AM - 7 PM, Sat 10 AM - 5 PM


Isabelle is a copywriter intern at EF Education First in Zurich and an online student at Penn State Word Campus. After living abroad for almost a decade, she took her two (US) cats and moved back to her Swiss roots in 2013. Isabelle suffers from chronic Wanderlust and loves coffee.


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