13 Photographs that make you say “Only in Switzerland!”


Milchzentrale - The Swiss headquarters for milk? Only in Switzerland...

Milchzentrale - The Swiss Headquarters for Milk?

A car with an Emmentaler cheese wheel...

Emmentaler Car

The yogurt aisle in a Swiss grocery store...

Migros - Swiss Yogurt Aisle

But the chocolate aisle beats them all!

Migros - Swiss Chocolate Aisle

Normal words are actually mind boggling tongue twisters: Chuchichäschtli.


And some town names simply sound absurd in the English language...

Weird Swiss Town Names - Manegg


Cats need serious climbing skills.

Cat Ladder in Eglisau

I mean, s-e-r-i-o-u-s...

Cat on Guy's Shoulder

And chicken behave like humans - at least during carneval!

Fasnacht Chickens in Luzern

Dry cleaning for Fasnacht costumes in Basel.

Fasnacht Dry Cleaning in Basel


A recording studio prefered by Beyoncé and Prince looks as nondescript as this:

Powerplay Studios in Maur, Switzerland

We take work/life balance seriously.

Work Life Balance in Switzerland

And we're world champions at recycling, despite those restricted times!

Recycling Drop in Switzerland

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