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More Google Street View FAILS in Switzerland

Ever since the launch in 2009, Google Street View has received much scepticism in Switzerland.

The Swiss closely guard their privacy, and the idea of a heightened camera peeking into the (manicured) yards is basically seen as a threat. In 2012, the courts ordered Google to ensure pixelation of people's faces and licence plates in 100 percent of cases. And any trips of the Google Street View car have to be publicly announced.

The latest Google Street View Fails in Switzerland

It goes without saying that for several years, Google Street View has been frozen in time. Iconic landmarks such as Zürich's Prime Tower have been missing completely. But finally, a long overdue update has arrived: Available photographs of bridges, streets, train tracks and even hiking paths have increased tenfold! Among the new additions are the Monte Rosa hut, mountain passes, Geneva's old town or the spectacular Five Lakes Walk in Zermatt.

(Privacy is less of a concern along hiking trails in the Swiss Alps. At least so far, no mountain goats or marmots have vetoed Google's activities...)

When an automated camera collect terabytes worth of pictures, mistakes are bound to happen. 20 Minuten has crowdsourced the task of finding the funniest Google Street View fails in Switzerland to their readers...

Ghostly cars

Google Street View Fail Switzerland

A ghostly statue (or maybe there is no statue on this fountain?)

Google Street View Fail Switzerland


Google Street View Fail Switzerland

A people mess on Rennweg in Zürich

Google Street View Fail Switzerland

Strange view from inside something in Zürich

Google Street View Fail Switzerland

A stalking shadow in Altdorf...

Google Street View Fail Switzerland

Rolling out the red carpet for the Rhätische Bahn...

Google Street View Fail Switzerland

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