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Panorama Knives Mimic Swiss Mountains

Panorama Knife

Whenever we go for a hike or spend a day of skiing in Switzerland, we will bring a local map outlining all the surrounding peaks. Mamiko is usually very keen on knowing all the mountain names, for instance during our recent trip to Beatenberg in the Bernese Oberland: Wetterhorn, Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and Niesen.

Meet the PanoramaKnife

The makers of the original Panorama Knife, a family business in Ermatingen, have come up with an ingenious product: The blades of their Swiss made bread knives are shaped according to panoramic vistas in Switzerland, and each peak has a name label (for Mamiko)! Depending on the edition, each knife mimics the slopes and valleys of a particular mountain range, such as the Bernese Oberland, the Valais, Lake Constance or Zurich.

Not only does the Panorama Knife allow you to relive those hikes and skiing adventures in your own kitchen, but it also does what it is supposed to be good at: Slice loafs of Swiss breads!

Bernese Alps Edition

Panorama Knife

Lake Constance Edition

Panorama Knife

Lucerne Edition

Panorama Knife

Valais Edition

Panorama Knife

Zurich Edition

Panorama Knife

Can you spot the iconic peak of the Matterhorn?

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