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26 Things You Absolutely Must See in Switzerland

26 things you absolutely must see in Switzerland

It takes a wealth of travel experience and a keen eye to discover a fjord in Switzerland. But thanks to Tatiana Tissot, a Swiss journalist, I learned to look at Lake Klöntal from a different perspective.

This mountain lake near Glarus is surrounded by steep cliffs. And yes, with a little bit of imagination, one could call it a fjord. This is just one of 26 locations throughout Switzerland which is highlighted in this nifty little book called 26 Things You Absolutely Must See in Switzerland.

26 Things You Absolutely Must See in Switzerland 🇨🇭

Not at all like a common travel guide, this publication invites readers to discover and learn new facts about known places. For instance, who knew that Basel's Le Cheval Blanc is one of only a few restaurants holding three Michelin stars?

There is an entire chapter dedicated to Switzerland's mountain pass roads. The author shares an ideal driving itinerary for a weekend that includes up to six mountain passes.

Apart from highlighting the more frequently traveled destinations, the author also introduces little gems.

Take Fafleralp, an idyllic pasture near the end of the Lötschental Valley. With its traditional wooden structures, mountain lakes, and forests, this is a spot to experience authenticity in a busy world. (And it would not be Switzerland if you could not get there by public transportation.)

One of my personal must-see highlights of Switzerland is the Lavaux vineyards. This UNESCO World Heritage site is perfect for hiking: it is south-facing, has scenic views, and no less than 32 km of trails. This book explains how to get around the area - and recommends other activities nearby.

Three reasons why I love this book:

  1. It's the perfect companion for those with a case of FOMO ("Fear Of Missing Out"). Its list-form allows you to check off one Swiss highlights after another - without missing a single one.
  2. It makes trip planning easy thanks to detailed explanations on how to access each place or experience. Some of the chapters focus on Switzerland living traditions that happen only once a year, while others describe physical places.
  3. The amount of information is just perfect, with sections for "How to get there", "What to do" and other things to do in the same region. On top, the beautiful photographs provided by Keystone are sure to make you drop everything and go out there to explore Switzerland…

Buy this book for your own coffee table - or gift it to a friend with a call to action to explore Switzerland together!

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