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Batmaid cleaning services in Switzerland (Sponsored)

Batmaid Cleaning Service Switzerland

Our lives are increasingly busy and happen outside of our homes. Meanwhile, dust collects, and laundry piles up at the apartment, but time is too sparse to deal with it all.

I am sure that we are not the only international professionals in Switzerland who are struggling to keep up with daily chores. But after doing some web research, we realized that in Switzerland, there are many policies and regulations to be aware of when it comes to hiring a cleaning person. These include having a proper work contract, paying social benefits contributions, or providing unemployment insurance.

Meet Batmaid, Switzerland's on-demand platform for ordering legal cleaning professionals.

Can you imagine how relieved we felt when we found a one-stop-shop that takes care of it all? A service that comes with its own web dashboard for easy scheduling or rescheduling? And lastly, a service with a name as cool as Batmaid?

Batmaid Cleaning Service Switzerland

Batmaid has offices in Lausanne and Zürich but manages a network of independent cleaning professionals all over Switzerland. By providing a legal framework, they essentially help to take cleaners off the black market and provide insurance and social benefits in return.

But the folks at headquarters are hiring only those cleaners who meet strict quality requirements and are trustworthy. Because, after all, you would want to be assured that the person cleaning your private home or apartment has integrity and a good work ethic.

Take the stubborn calcium in the Swiss water: it takes a person with real dedication and skill to relentlessly brush it off those faucets every week...

Batmaid Cleaning Service Switzerland

How to get started with Batmaid

Batmaid appealed to us because of its easy-to-use online platform. Once registered, there are only a few steps to get started. First off, provide some details about your apartment or home, such as the number of rooms. Check any extras you would like to be taken care of, such as the comprehensive cleaning of a fridge or stove.

Based on your postal code, suggested cleaning slots with an available Batmaid cleaner will appear in real-time.

You can select the preferred date and time for one-off cleanings or regular cleanings. The process is fully automatic and Batmaid takes care of all paperwork. Simply lean back and before you know it, you will receive a confirmation email for your initial cleaning session.


Our verdict about Batmaid cleaning services

After several months of trying out Batmaid for apartment cleaning, we can report that we are more than satisfied. Our Vera shows up regularly to help us manage those things that we cannot handle because of time constraints. (She has even become acquainted with our cat, Shuffle!)

Most of all, there are no legal issues we need to worry about. We receive a monthly invoice through our dashboard, detailing the work that has been performed. And we can rest assured knowing that our cleaner is compensated fairly. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions - we will be happy to let you know more about our experience with Batmaid cleaning services.

Batmaid Cleaning Service Switzerland

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