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The best Swiss watch brands for men in 2021 (Collaboration)

Swiss watches are regarded as being some of the best quality watch brands from around the world. Not everyone knows about their history, but when it comes to quality and style, people are very much in the know. If you’re given a Swiss watch as a present, chances are it’s of excellent quality.

From the likes of Baume & Mercier to Vacheron Constantin, Swiss watches have gained a solid reputation. You’ll struggle to find a watch collector without at least one Swiss creation in their arsenal, as any timepiece lover is fully aware of the flawless design and unrivaled style many top Swiss watches provide to a gentleman. They’re the best.

It must be said, though, that many Swiss watches aren’t kind on the wallet. In fact, on the whole, they’re incredibly pricey, but you certainly get what you pay for. Swiss watches are generally on show at movie premieres, swanky restaurants, and high-roller casinos. That doesn’t mean that Swiss watches are completely unaffordable, though. In fact, you can purchase a good quality watch for a reasonable amount if you shop around.

With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the best Swiss watch brands for men in 2021:

Clifton Baumatic 10399

Made by Baume & Mercier, the Clifton Baumatic 10399 is currently priced at $2,750.00, which represents decent value for money given its obvious quality. It features a 40 mm case alongside a date window and a smooth black dial that is suitable for any occasion. The strap is black and simple, giving a classy but simplistic feel to what is a solid and stylish choice.

GMT-Master II

We couldn’t really highlight some of the best Swiss watches of 2021 without mentioning a creation from the familiar Swiss luxury watch manufacturer based in Geneva, Rolex. The GMT-Master II is another gorgeous piece from the iconic brand. It is designed to tell the time in two different timezones, as well as offer the usual style we all associate with Rolex thanks to its red and blue dial. At $9'700, it isn’t cheap, though.

Portofino Chronograph

Coming in at $300, IWC’s Portofino Chronograph is the cheapest watch on this list, but it’s certainly not out of place.

With the lifestyle of the Italian Riviera clearly at the forefront of the design of this particular watch, this sumptuous piece will look at home on any wrist thanks to its stunning gold case, and its smooth alligator strap. Solid gold is featured throughout, making the Portofino Chronograph a fantastic option, particularly as it’s a relative bargain.

Golden Ellipse

At the other end of the scale due to its $50'460 price tag, Patek Philippe’s Golden Ellipse watch is a truly beautiful creation. Not affordable for all, this creation illustrates the diversity in terms of the range of Swiss watches people are buying.

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Some shoppers search for a good quality bargain, while others search for a costly watch that will make a statement. The Golden Eclipse certainly fits the bill in that regard, with this 1968 model being given a modern facelift thanks to the addition of its eye-catching blue dial and band with a platinum case. Truly stunning.

Longines Spirit

The Longines Spirit costs around $3'100 at the time of writing, as this aviation-inspired watch offers a beautiful design alongside an array of impressive modern-day features. For the cost, you’re certainly getting a watch suitable for any occasion, although its brown color isn’t suitable with every suit or shirt.

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