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Shiny things from the Bits & Bobs Online Shop

Our lives are marked by restrictions these days. We can’t celebrate our friendships by having much-loved sushi-eating-rituals with the "bestie" - or any other plans that include a restaurant.

We can travel only in Switzerland, and it’s not even possible to visit relatives in Germany. My previous kids-free island (the gym) is closed. And those much-needed date nights, where my husband and I would go to the cinema or a concert, seem like a faded memory from a past life.

This online shop brings the world to my home

I really needed an escape from that tough outdoor-reality. When I discovered the Bits & Bobs Online Shop, it felt like hitting the jackpot! All these colors, patterns and beautiful things... I can feel the exciting life pulsate, and it just makes me feel so good to scroll through the shiny and glittery items on display.

Tania, the charismatic founder of Bits & Bobs, suffers from a "Shiny Object Syndrome" which makes me want to hug her instantly.

Aren’t we all the same? And she loves coffee - and after-coffee-parties! How much needed is that?

Bits & Bobs Online Shop
Copyright Bits & Bops/Facebook

I learn that Tania is a mom of two boys, has a great crew helping her with her business, and if you look for a red thread, don’t look any further because there is none. Tania simply shows all things she totally loves!

You will find shiny jewellery, stationary objects, and accessories. Also bags, sunglasses, vegan nail polish, scarves, t-shirts, sweaters, and so much more...

Have I mentioned colorful, hand-sewed face masks? They are produced in an Instanbul-based social enterprise called Sector7. The collection’s name is "F*CK Covid" which pretty much sums up my feelings regarding the current situation.

Now, are you ready to come on a journey with me? I want to show you some of the products from the Bits & Bobs online shop that I fell in love with!

Our first stop: India.

Shiny Gifts from the Bits & Bobs Online Shop

Follow me to Africa!

Africa Gifts from the Bits & Bobs Online Shop

100% beach vibes.

Beach Vibes from the Bits & Bobs Online Shop

And something to relax in the home spa:

Home Spa Gifts from the Bits & Bobs Online Shop
Home Spa Gifts from the Bits & Bobs Online Shop

Plan your own escape at the Bits & Bops Online Shop

(For the purpose of this review, Tania has supplied all the items pictured above at no charge.)


A passionate globetrotter who likes to return to Switzerland after her adventures abroad. Melanie loves diving and the outdoors and is a typical Gemini: Communicative, sociable and multi-faced (which explains her favorite animal, the chameleon!).

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