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How the Swiss start-up bluu is reinventing laundry

"bluu" detergent sheets, created by a Swiss start-up, make washing practical and plastic-free.

As a sustainable alternative to conventional detergents, the Swiss start-up bluu has developed sustainable and innovative detergent sheets. Only a few months after the launch, the young company is experiencing rapid growth and attention.

What’s the buzz about bluu all about?

First and foremost, the lightweight laundry strips hit the “Zeitgeist”. bluu detergent sheets are free of microplastics, palm oil, preservatives, and bleaching agents. And they are biodegradable.

Weighing just three grams each, they are significantly lighter than conventional laundry detergents, too. Since they are packaged in a cardboard box made of recycled materials, bulky plastic bottles are a thing of the past.

The climate-friendly packaging is a reason why bluu sheets cause 95 percent less CO2 emissions during transport when compared to normal detergents.

By now, you might be wondering how the bluu detergent sheets work

Dosing with bluu detergent sheets is straightforward: one sheet of ultra-concentrated detergent is sufficient for one wash cycle. Simply place the sheet on top of the laundry, close the lid and start the cycle with water only.

bluu sheets are also suitable for hand washing and for white, dark, or color laundry from 20 to 95 °C. In fact, they work for almost all textiles such as wool, down, and cashmere.

Detergent sheets are either alpine scent (Alpenfrische) or without fragrance. They are available on the bluu website starting at 19.90 francs/60 strips, incl. shipping. (For convenience, select a recurring subscription of Alpenfrische sheets.)

(Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review, bluu has supplied us with six boxes of detergent sheets.)

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