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A day at the Bürgenstock Resort and its gingerbread house

If there was ever a quintessential childhood dream, it would be a gingerbread house to live in. This house would be life-sized, with all the bells and whistles: a gingerbread chimney, shutters made of cookie dough, and snow made of icing.

The gingerbread house at the Bürgenstock Resort comes rather close to this vision. We have visited central Switzerland during the weeks leading up to Christmas to see the gingerbread house with our own eyes.

On Fridays and Saturdays in December, the patio just in front of the gingerbread house is home to a small Christmas market. What is normally the Restaurant Taverne 1879 then serves as the temporary site for this lovely holiday experience.

Around a large Christmas tree, the resort’s chefs would sell everything from delicious mulled wine to Christmas cookies. And as it happened this winter, fresh snow made everything seem that much more magical. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the resort’s pastry chefs would hold cookie baking and decorating workshops for the little ones - free of charge.

A bazaar with lovely gifts and delicious treats

During our weekday visit, we have the chance to explore the house’s indoors. The resort’s own boutiques, as well as local vendors, have set up tables to sell treats and gifts.

Take Erlebnishof Untermisli, the farm that is located adjacent to the Bürgenstock Resort. Using local milk, this farmer makes the delectable Bürgenstöckler cheese which the resort’s guests get to enjoy at the breakfast buffet. This cheese, among smoked sausages and other goodies, makes for an ideal gift.

Other gifts include vintage tourism placards of Bürgenstock or cuddly teddy bears. We especially like the adorable towels with stitches of all the modes of public transport that lead to this place: shuttle boat, funicular, and postal bus.

One side of Restaurant Taverne 1879 has been covered entirely with blocks of gingerbread. (Only the cookie-shaped shutters are made of plastic.) From up close, we can tell that nuts and berries serve as decoration.

Some decorative elements appear to be missing, so we inquire with the lovely hostess. “We have noticed that birds and squirrels have discovered our house,” Mrs. Estermann of the Bürgenstock Resort explains.

That makes sense! If we were squirrels, we would meet up at the gingerbread house at the stroke of midnight to have a bite…

Come for the gingerbread house, stay for the Bürgenstock Alpine Spa

During our daytime visit, we are invited by the resort to relax in their acclaimed Bürgenstock Alpine Spa. What a treat! On 10’000 square meters located on two stories, this spa offers everything one could ever ask for.

Let’s start at the top: the indoor swimming pool opens up to the most Instagrammable outdoor infinity pool. At a comfortable 35 degrees Celsius, there is barely a reason to ever leave this part of the spa… On clear days, the views from here include a magnificent mountainscape as well as Lake Lucerne below.

Too bad we missed out on the views; instead, we experienced what it is like to dive into the clouds! We will keep the Bürgenstock Alpine Spa in mind for a special occasion - it has quickly become one of our favorites in Switzerland.

Bürgenstock Alpine Spa on a foggy day

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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