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DIALEKTisch – Was Dialekt ist Swiss German Dialect Books

DIALEKTisch Swiss German Dialect Books

DIALEKTisch - Was Dialekt ist are two Swiss German dialect books for anyone who appreciates the subtleties of Switzerland.

Despite the small size of Switzerland, there is an incredible amount of diversity among the different regions. And whether in terms of customs, foods, or dialects, the Swiss tend to identify themselves strongly with their particular region.

The Swiss-German dialect is prevalent in the northern part of the country, spanning from Fribourg in the West to Chur in the East. However, in the age of Twitter and text messages, many once common expressions are going extinct.

Two nifty little books, DIALEKTisch and DIALEKTisch 2, pay tribute to Swiss German by defining dozens of interesting words according to their use in everyday situations.

Browsing through these rich compilations is fun for anyone versed with dialect, as well as for anyone trying to better understand the Swiss. As for me, I rediscovered some expressions from my childhood: Heimlifeiss (adjective for mischievous), and Luuser (not the same as a looser, but rather a rascal)...

DIALEKTisch - Was Dialekt ist

No longer available
ISBN 978-3-908777-69-4, Guido Kalberer/Simone Meier
about 120 pages each, German

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