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Hiring a legal cleaner in Switzerland with Helpling (Sponsored Post)

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Outsourcing your household cleaning needs can bring real gains when it comes to quality of life.

In fact, having more free time to discover their new home is at the top of the list for many newly relocated internationals. And they appear to be right on the money, because a Canadian study has found a link between having more time and increased levels of happiness.

But hiring a cleaner in Switzerland is more complicated than it seems.

Though the benefits are clear, hiring a cleaner in Switzerland all on your own can be trickier than it seems. Here is the most vital information to be aware of when it comes to finding the cleaning option that suits you best.

BOOK A TIGER Cleaning Service

If you decide to hire a cleaning person on your own, you will inevitably be considered an employer. This means that you will need to abide to all Swiss duties, including calculating of the salary, factoring in holiday days, timing insurance payments, and the list goes on.

Going solo when hiring a cleaner in Switzerland may leave you with a lot of questions - and even more paperwork. Additionally, you are liable to pay your household aid for sick days. In Switzerland, you can either pay for sick leave insurance in advance, or take over the payment for the illness when it occurs. Add the probability of damages to your household, and you may have to bear even more costs on your own. That's because these damages will only be covered by the cleaning person if gross negligence or intent is proven.

Full service intermediaries are a viable alternative.

In Switzerland, it has become easier than ever to book a cleaning person online. By working with an intermediary platform, you will not be considered an employer. However, there are considerable limits. The cleaners on such platforms are self-employed and act as freelancers. So on the one hand, they are not accountable to anyone. This in turn means that the platform cannot guarantee the quality of the cleaning job or provide a replacement in the case of sickness.

Finally, there is a chance that you will not constantly be served by the same cleaner, making it hard to build up trust and a routine with your cleaner of choice.

Platforms like Helpling go down yet a different route.

At Helpling, cleaners dispatched to private households are fully employed, offering customers a variety of advantages.

BOOK A TIGER Cleaning Service


  • Takes over the role of employer
    - Employees are paid fair wages, and health as well as liability insurance is also taken care of.
  • Finds the cleaner to suit your needs
    - Finding the right cleaner is not easy, especially when it comes to finding a common language. With a multitude of cleaners to choose from, finding someone who speaks English, German and French is possible. Simply request your language of choice in the "special requests" section of the booking form.
    - You decide the time and duration of your cleaning - Helpling will keep dispatching the same cleaner.
    - Should your cleaning person be ill or on vacation, you will be allocated a suitable replacement.
  • Offers only trained professionals
    - Have you ever had cleaners whose quality did not quite match up? Helpling professionals receive thorough practical and theoretical cleaning training before they will ever enter your home.
  • Features flexible, easy online booking taking all but two minutes
    - Simply choose your start date, decide between weekly or biweekly cleanings and choose desired extras such as window cleaning or ironing. Your tiger can arrive as soon as 48 hours after you have booked.
    - Reschedule, book last minute or add extra services. There are no lock-in contracts but a cleaning plan tailored to your specific needs.

(This guide is sponsored by Helpling.)

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