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LOST iN Zurich is a treasure trove of a guide

Here's a guide that introduces Zürich's lesser known sides through the tales of locals.

There's the young curator, Marina Olsen, who recommends various hot spots for those into architecture or art. For instance, I was unaware of the Up State space for contemporary art in Albisrieden. Then, there is documentary director Thomas Haemmerli with his ode to Zürich's Langstrasse, an area he calls "the holy grail of Zürich's underground." My personal favorite is the section by the Berneggers, a couple with an entrepreneurial and style conscious face. They reveal tips for families and for those in search of international galleries.

Lost in Zurich Guide

This nifty publication also highlights some of Zürich's neighborhoods that deserve the label "off the beaten track."

Take Wiedikon, an ethnically diverse area at the foot of the Üetliberg. Even for locals like yours truly, the editors have some refreshing restaurants, galleries and shops up their sleeves. Note to self: Check out Rost und Gold, a vintage furniture shop with live performances that defies any label.

Lost in Zurich Guide

At just seventy pages, LOST iN Zurich is packed with cool advice about Switzerland's biggest town. The small form factor of the publication as well as the free smartphone app have become our companions when we feel like getting under the surface of Zürich.

The editorial sums up this vibe: "Get lost in the sights, sounds and flavours of the city. Get lost in Zurich."

Lost in Zurich Guide

Buy the printed guide (EUR 10)
Download the app (CHF 3.20 in-app purchase for the full guide)

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