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The Mondaine essence watch hits the “Zeitgeist” (Giveaway)

Mondaine essence Giveaway

Can you recall the first time you spotted a Swiss station clock?

Maybe it was at the airport station’s platform when you first arrived in Switzerland? Maybe it was at your hometown’s train station where you used to wait for your relatives? Or maybe you spotted it on your iPhone home screen after updating to iOS 6?

Without a doubt, the SBB station clock is a legendary piece of Swiss design. In fact, it is one of the few icons that has been left untouched in many decades. And since 1986, design aficionados the world over have fallen in love with the SBB Mondaine wrist watch. It is simple, sleek and does one thing really well: It tells the time as accurately as its big brother, the official Swiss station clock!

The new Mondaine essence leaves a small ecological footprint.

For those who have been pondering the decision to strap on a Mondaine watch, we have good news: The innovative watch maker has just released an ecological version using mostly renewable materials called Mondaine essence. We have personally talked to the folks at Mondaine and have inquired about the various materials used to manufacture this watch.

Mondaine essence Giveaway

Here is why we think the Mondaine essence hits the Zeitgeist:

  • Simplicity: The watch has a minimalistic design along the lines of “less is more.” Each feature serves a purpose.
  • Sustainability: Seventy percent of materials used in the watch are renewable. Specifically, the watch casing is made of oil derived from the tropical castor-oil plant. The wrist band is made of natural rubber, and the watch case of recycled PET bottles.
  • Recycling: Look around and you will find lots of innovative recycling projects – from composting to container homes. The idea is to collect recyclable waste before it hits the landfills. Each Mondaine essence package comes with a chic smartphone case made 100 percent of recycled PET bottles.

Lo and behold, we are convinced that the Mondaine essence watch is on the right track and that other watch makers should follow suit. Wouldn’t it be great if the world of watchmaking focused more on sustainability in their manufacturing? We certainly wouldn’t expect them to create a “green” watch made entirely of organic substances. But the solution lies somewhere in the middle, with the Mondaine essence being proof that sustainability in watchmaking is feasible.

Do you believe in creative solutions to reduce material waste in our society? Share your story on social media and you could win 2×1 Mondaine essence watches incl. a smartphone case!

Mondaine essence Giveaway

We are curious: What do you do to save the environment? How do you live a sustainable life? How do you reduce your footprint on this planet? Or what’s your trick to save resources on a daily basis?

Be specific when you post your life hacks or tips to reduce/reuse/recycle! Simply share your advice on your social media accounts using the hashtag #mondaine_essence (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)…

The deadline for submissions is Monday, Nov 20, at midnight.

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