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The Panorama Knife showcases Swiss mountainscapes

The Panorama Knife product line has Swissness written all over it. The blades of these original knives, ranging from bread knives to cheese knives, are in the outline of panoramic Swiss mountainscapes.

The original inventors of the Panorama Knife have an obvious passion for mountains. Each knife features a different mountainscape, mimicking the slopes and valleys of the particular mountain range. Each "peak" on the blade is labeled with its name and altitude. For instance, on the Säntis edition knife, you can see the iconic "Schäfler" at 1925 meters above sea level.

Not only does the Panorama Knife allow you to relive those hikes and skiing adventures in your own kitchen. It also does a great job at slicing those delicious loaves of Swiss breads.

The makers of the original Panorama Knife are a family business near Zurich. And the production is being done in a workshop in Grisons. We are keeping our eyes out for more innovations showcasing Swiss mountains.

The blade of the Panorama Knife Säntis edition:

Panorama Knife Bernese Alps Edition

Panorama Knife

Lake Constance Edition

Panorama Knife

Lucerne Edition

Panorama Knife

Valais Edition

Panorama Knife

Zurich Edition

Panorama Knife

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Dimitri Burkhard

Dimitri Burkhard


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