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What if you could travel the world and your mail would follow you? What if you could try on clothes from online shops without having to handle the returns? And what if your business could shine with a prestigious Zürich mailing address?

These and more are the premises made by a new kind of post office that has popped up in Zürich. One day during lunch, I stumbled across their newly launched mail room in Zürich’s financial district. Curious as I am, the cheerful interior design enticed me to step in and find out more.

Julie is one of the co-founders of and she explains that the idea for was born while she was transitioning from life in the UK to Switzerland. She found herself faced with the challenge of keeping track of physical mail, parcels and bills which were delivered to both her old and her new address.

Despite looking hard, she could not find a service that would help her manage mail. And this problem is not specific only to expats. Many Swiss who spend months at a time at their vacation properties abroad face the same challenge. in Zurich offers a variety of services for individuals and businesses

At a convenient location just minutes from the banks at Paradeplatz, the innovative co-founders Julie and Friederike have now opened their first mail room. The interior design immediately reminds of a post office. There are stacks and rows of yellow mailboxes with locks that can be rented by individuals or businesses.

Ask any Zürcher and they would confirm that the address here is quite prestigious. Anyone with a mailbox can use this address on correspondence or for the incorporation of a GmbH: Talacker 35, 8001 Zürich.

For individuals, they offer:
– Mailbox with optional scanning service for those who travel often
– Receiving of parcels or registered mail
– Service to receive orders from German and UK online shops that do not ship to Switzerland
– Changing room for trying on of online shopping purchases (eg. Zalando)

For businesses, they offer:
– Mailbox with optional scanning service
– Receiving of parcels or registered mail
– Mass mailings, including stuffing of envelopes, labeling and mailing
– Meeting room with private entrance, incl. projector, coffee machine, etc. (hourly rental) in Zurich

Do you spend too much time handling mail or Zalando returns?

If so, stop by this modern post office at Talacker 35 in Zürich! The founders would love to chat over coffee and help you facilitate your workflows. And who knows, maybe you will soon have your Zalando parcels mailed to Talacker 35 in Zürich? It sounds much easier to try on the clothes during lunchtime and return them, rather than claim the parcel at the local post office before they close at 6 PM, then return a few days later to mail stuff back…, Talackerstrasse 33, 8001 Zürich
Open Mo – Fr from 9 AM to 7 PM, Sa from 10 AM – 1 PM. in Zurich in Zurich

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Dimitri Burkhard

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