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Some of Switzerland’s more curious experiences (Sponsored)

Switzerland, a mountainous paradise nestled comfortably between Germany, Austria and France, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Everywhere you go, you are met with stunning sights, wonderful and friendly people as well as an inexhaustible well of activities to partake in.

A typical vacation in Switzerland includes staying at ski resorts, sampling the world-famous chocolate and cheese as well as hiking. But what if you’re looking for a more authentic experience, interacting more with the Swiss people and culture?

Discover some of the more unorthodox activities in Switzerland you can take part in:

Basel Carnival – The world’s only Protestant carnival

When we hear the word "carnival", our mind often drifts towards the fabulous and expressive Brazilian carnivals. While they are unique experiences in their own right, the Swiss offer their very own original take on this phenomenon.

Basler Fasnacht in the Swiss town of Basel is the world’s only Protestant carnival. It emerged as an opposition to Catholicism during the era of Reformation. To really hammer that fact in, it takes place during Lent in March, one of Catholicism’s main holidays.

Basler Fasnacht is a three-day event that presents something new every day. On the first day, it starts when all city lights are turned off at 4 AM. A parade marches though the city with lanterns, playing music.

Waggis at the Basel Carnival

As the day progresses, the marchers will throw confetti, candy, flowers, and oranges at you, so be ready to catch!

Tuesday presents parades aimed at children, so bring them along especially for this day. Remember to visit the local police office to obtain a badge for your children. It allows for your contact information to be added - just in case your kids get lost. Tuesday evening hosts a large concert downtown where all the marchers play in unison. This is their chance to really shine.

Wednesday is where the event slowly comes to an end. It is basically like Monday except for the early morning parade. Just remember that you are not a participant in the carnival. You are an observer, there to have a good time and see something beautiful. Enjoy yourself and be respectful.

Visit Switzerland’s largest casino in Zürich

You would typically go to Las Vegas if you’re interested in visiting casinos during a vacation. But this is also easily possible to do in Switzerland with all its pomp and splendour.

Swiss Casino – Zurich is Switzerland’s largest physical casino. With over 30'000 square meters of space, a cocktail bar with more than 30 European drinks, food and 287 state of the art machines, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time.

Once you get tired of playing, you can simply retreat to one of the many lounges to get something to drink and eat before getting back into the ring.

They also host events for families or companies. You can rent spacious rooms that include smoking rooms, bathrooms and you can order drinks and catering to go along with it. If you want to throw your birthday party abroad this is as good as it gets.

If you’re more into online casinos during your stay in Switzerland, you can play roulette online from americancasinoguide while you lounge around during the cosy and cold Swiss nights. The site offers many interesting online casinos to have a go at. See if you can find something that matches you. Remember to stay updated on laws and regulations applicable to gambling in Switzerland here.

Swiss craft beer showcases world class innovation

When we think of traditional Swiss products, chocolate, cheese and watches come to mind. But what about Swiss craft beer? In recent years, Swiss micro-breweries have excelled in producing innovative takes on what beer can be.

Special ingredients used by many Swiss micro-brewers include chestnut, alpine herbs, flowers, anise, juniper, and verbena. All of these ingredients definitely give a sense of inherent Swiss-ness as a characteristic of the beers.

Gletscher Bier - Swiss Beer

As Switzerland values regional autonomy and independence among its many cantons, you will find that the various beers each represent their own values. Therefore, wherever you go in Switzerland, you are sure to find a local craft beer to suit your taste.

In short: Switzerland is more than it seems!

Hopefully, this article leaves you with a notion that Switzerland has more to offer than chocolate and skiing. Switzerland is a diverse country that offers high quality experiences for everyone’s likes- you sometimes just have to go look for them.

The ideas outlined here should give you a great start, but don’t be afraid to keep looking for more fun activities to take part in!

Some of Switzerland's more curious experiences

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