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Swiss Bread is the ultimate book for bread lovers

Swiss Bread - A Culinary Journey of Switzerland - Bergli Books

Did you know that there are about 200 different types of Swiss bread?

Just like cheese and chocolate, bread is part of the cultural heritage of Switzerland. The many types of bread are a result of Switzerland’s regional and local customs. And more often than not, the bread recipes are closely tied to local holidays and traditions.

From crunchy round loaves to soft and sweet buns, each region of Switzerland has its own bread heritage. By understanding the reason behind each Swiss bread, we can learn more about the local culture. Is the bread dark and savory for storage during winter? Or is it light and sweet for immediate consumption?

42 sweet and savory Swiss bread recipes

In Switzerland, you can rest assured that there is a bakery on every street corner. In other words, you will never be far from a source of Swiss bread.

But there is something special about baking your own bread. Using hand-selected ingredients, from artisanal flour to local butter, is a way of ensuring the quality of the bread. Void of any added preservatives or sugars, home-baked bread can easily be the most healthy of all.

And the energy and passion that are added by kneading give a loaf its character. Whether you're new to baking or have perfected the skill, the book Swiss Bread by Heddi Nieuwsma contains a staggering 42 recipes to try out. By giving historical or social context to many of the recipes, it is an essential keepsake for anyone interested in Switzerland.

The Swiss bread recipes cover the main meals and snack times in a day:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Morning or afternoon snacks
  • Special meals such as cheese fondue or soups
  • Picnics
  • Desserts
  • Gifts

Some of our favorite bread recipes included in Swiss Bread by Heddi Nieuwsma:

  • Magenbrot chocolate gingerbread
  • Pane Valle Maggia
  • Silserli buns
  • St. Galler Brot and Bürli
  • Zopf Sunday bread

Three reasons for Swiss Bread by Heddi Nieuwsma:

  1. It’s the most comprehensive book about Swiss bread culture, covering everything from Swiss flour to the best bakeries in Switzerland.
  1. It contains 42 easy-to-follow recipes for making delicious homemade bread.
  1. There is a recipe for everyone, from walnut lovers to those with a sweet tooth.

Share a piece of Swiss tradition with your friends and family. Or buy the book for your own bookshelf - its yellow spine looks terrific!

Swiss Bread - A Culinary Journey of Switzerland - Bergli Books

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