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Switzerland Tourism welcome kit for expats (Sponsored)

Switzerland Tourism Winter Key Visual

Now that you have settled in your new home, it is time to make plans for your leisure time!

As you will soon notice, Switzerland has four distinct seasons. Each season is unique in that it offers its own set of outdoor activities, cultural events and traditional festivals. In short, there is always something exciting going on throughout the year.

Free Welcome Kit for expats

As a way of helping you navigate all the offers, Switzerland Tourism has put together a free welcome kit containing the most important brochures. From summer to winter and from cities to countryside, you will surely get inspired to book your next weekend getaway somewhere in Switzerland!

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Switzerland Tourism Expat Welcome Package
Switzerland Tourism Expat Welcome Package

More inspiration on the Switzerland Tourism expat website

Where do the Swiss go for a thrill? How to find a snowshoeing trail across a glacier? And where to eat cheese fondue with a scenic view?

These and many other tips can be found on a website desiccated especially to expats in Switzerland. It can be overwhelming at first to even navigate public transport, but you will soon realize that zipping across Switzerland is as easy as downloading an app! Check out this helpful resource on

And finally, sign up for the free newsletter which is packed with special deals, excursion ideas and the latest travel and tourism information! I have been reading this newsletter for many years and love the format!

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Switzerland Tourism Summer Key Visual(This post has been sponsored by Switzerland Tourism)

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