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This year’s hottest Christmas Gifts

On paper, the holidays are an enchanted season full of love. But in reality, love is just one piece of the complex puzzle that is Christmas. That's because the holidays are also a season of frantic gift shopping for relatives and friends.

The age-old question is what to get for each person. To help you guide through the retail jungle with its myriad of toy aisles, here are some of 2017's most popular gifts:

The Nintendo Switch gaming console

Nintendo Switch Console(Photograph copyright The Next Web)

Hatchimals, the self hatching Tamagotchi 2.0

Hatchimals Toys

Those charming letter lightboxes

Lightbox with letters

Or original Swiss army blankets

Swiss Army Blanket(Online via

Get free return shipping worldwide if you use PayPal as a payment

People in Switzerland, listen up: This season, PayPal has extended their popular return service for shoppers to Europe. This makes sense as online shopping has grown tremendously even in places like Switzerland. Just a few years ago, it was still common to do almost all the shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. People appreciated the personal assistance in toy shops or boutiques and the idea that one day, most of the shopping would be done online, was quite far-fetched.

PayPal realizes this and their "no-hassle" return service is actually quite useful. As long as the merchandise was paid for by PayPal, the dad who doesn't like the new dumbbells or the aunt who loathes that new unicorn sweater can effortlessly return them at no cost. This is good for international orders, too. Think dress shoes from Berlin, retro earphones from Hong Kong, or an Edison lamp from London.

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