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Wander ABC Schweiz (Book)

Wander ABC (AS Verlag)

Hiking is a guaranteed mood booster. And Switzerland with its thousands of trails is the perfect place to try it out.

Wander ABC Schweiz is a guide for all those newcomers to Switzerland who are just getting used to vertical adventures. At the same time, it is a fun companion (or a gift) for those who want to get the most out of the favorite Swiss pastime.

Wander ABC (AS Verlag)

The 26 Letters of the Hiking Alphabet

The author, Peter Krebs, is no newbie to the outdoors. His travel writings often highlight things to do in Switzerland, including bicycle trips or hikes. In this respect, “Wander ABC Schweiz” is the author’s private collection of interesting and thought-provoking tidbits about Swiss hiking culture.

Each letter of the hiking alphabet is accompanied by a matching hike from the author’s own experience. Take “A” as in “Adventure”: A roundtrip hike in Engadine starts and ends in Bernina Diavolezza. It promises plenty of adventure as the hike includes a climbing passage with breathtaking vistas…

Other letters feature the usual suspects of hiking, such as the cervelat sausage or the Swiss Army knife. And yet others cover insightful aspects such as the commoditization of hiking paths.

Wander ABC (AS Verlag)

The book’s fits into any backpack thanks to its convenient format. For this reviewer, the book has already proved its entertainment value on a recent hiking trip to Mt. Pilatus: “Z wie Zahnradbahn” was the perfect chapter to finish our hike as we descended in the world’s steepest cogwheel railaway, the Pilatusbahn!

Wander ABC (AS Verlag)

Hiking is more than a sportive activity. Thanks to the author’s profound experience and knowledge, it becomes evident that he views hiking as a way of life.

Wander ABC (AS Verlag)

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ISBN 978-3-906055-36-7, German (220 pages)
EUR 29.90

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