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A Relais & Châteaux road trip in Switzerland to copy/paste

Morteratsch Glacier in Pontresina

Home to majestic peaks and mighty glaciers, the Engadine is as close to unspoiled nature. It is where we will start our road trip in Switzerland.

During the height of summer, we decided to visit this valley once more for some scenic hiking. From there, we would embark on a four-day road trip, taking us from the Morteratsch glacier mound in Pontresina to the shores of Lake Constance.

For lodging, we contacted Relais & Châteaux, who have generously supported our trip along the Route du Bonheur.

The label encompasses two dozen boutique hotels in Switzerland (and hundreds worldwide), all of which are individually owned and retain a unique character. I already had a chance to learn firsthand about the core ideas that all member hotels share: preserving the essence of hospitality and cuisine.

Day 1: Hotel Walther in Pontresina

On our first day, we crossed the Albula mountain pass into the Upper Engadine. The larch forests are green, and the lakes sparkle in the sunshine. As we approach Pontresina, we can already spot the grand hotel at the edge of town: Hotel Walther.

We received a warm welcome from the hostess, Anne-Rose Walther, and her team.

Hotel Walther Pontresina

Even though it was built during the Belle Époque, Hotel Walther does not exactly wear history on its sleeves. Sure, there is the exterior appearance with its corner towers or the lavish velour furniture in the hotel lounge.

But peel back a layer, and you will find just as many contemporary touches.

The interior design in the room, the piano bar with its ceiling lamps made of buckets or the knight's armor are some examples of the playfulness we find over and over:

Hotel Walther Pontresina
Hotel Walther Pontresina

When in Pontresina, we recommend to always pick a south-facing room.

This town is called "Sun Terrace" for a reason... Needless to say, our room is sun-drenched, and we cannot believe our luck! We have unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains, inviting us to hike and explore.

Hotel Walther Pontresina

Today's goal is to see the Morteratsch glacier mound up close.

The entrance to the glacier trail is within easy reach of the hotel, and the concierge suggests using a complimentary mountain bike to get there. (The hotel also has a fleet of e-bikes for its guests, but they must be reserved beforehand.)

Morteratsch Glacier Trail in Pontresina

About 20 minutes later, we locked the bicycles at the Morteratsch train station and continued on foot. While this walk crosses rough terrain, the path could easily be walked in sneakers.

Once we reach the glacier mound, we take a moment to listen to the cracking of the ice. It is awesome to feel the raw power of nature.

Morteratsch Glacier in Pontresina

Day 2: along the River Inn to Liechtenstein

Stepping foot in the tiny country of Liechtenstein has long been on our list. The following day, we continued our road trip to Vaduz, the capital of Switzerland’s neighboring country.

Our morning drive from Pontresina to Vaduz takes us along the young River Inn. The Engadine glaciers feed the stream as it begins its 518 km journey to the Black Sea.

River Inn in the Engadine

With all these sights, we barely notice that we have crossed the border into Liechtenstein. Here, the term "principality" gets a whole other meaning as it stands for "princedom."

Vaduz has just under 6000 residents, and with its Migros grocery store and restaurants, it feels somewhat like a normal town. But what makes Vaduz so unique is the historic castle overlooking the Rhine valley. It is the home of the House of Liechtenstein, presently helmed by Prince Hans-Adam II.

Park Hotel Sonnenhof in Vaduz

The manicured gardens of the Park Hotel Sonnenhof in Vaduz are an ideal vantage point to see the Vaduz Castle in all its might.

This family-run hotel is run by Hubertus Real, a charming host who spares no time to receive and show us around.

Chef Real at Hotel Sonnenhof Vaduz

We learn that Real knew his destiny was to become a chef at a young age.

At 20 years of age, he would win the World Skills apprenticeship championship in Sydney for Liechtenstein. His father, who at the time ran the hotel and once catered for the Prince’s wedding, saw him as the ideal successor.

Real explains: "Chefs are at the pulse of the cost side of the business. And my father wanted for a chef to run the Sonnenhof."

Hotel Sonnenhof Vaduz

The host is now an acclaimed gourmet chef with 17 Gault Millau points. But despite all the accolades, Hubertus Real stayed "real" and used the pandemic lockdown to revamp his restaurant concept. His specialties, such as stingray, veal raviolini, or this dish of Asian tuna cubes, have a permanent space on the menu.

Hotel Sonnenhof Vaduz

We dress for the occasion because, who knows, maybe the Prince has a reservation on the eagle nest outdoor patio, too?

Hotel Sonnenhof Vaduz

Built by the famous landscape designer Enzo Enea, the eagle Nest is one of the coolest decks I have seen. It feels as if everyone dining here shares a common experience: the clinking of champagne glasses during the apéro, the mountain sunset, and the chats with the host.

Hotel Sonnenhof Vaduz

The wine pairing deserves a special note. The Bavarian sommelier teases our minds and palates with his detailed and inspiring descriptions. "My philosophy is not to bore guests with details but rather to inspire them with emotions," he explains.

For the main dish, he hides the white wine label, asking us to take a guess. I go for the grape variety of Heida, and I am not too far off: it is a local Chardonnay with barrique notes from the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Restaurant Marée, with its eagle nest deck, is so popular that a reservation is needed any day of the week.

Hotel Sonnenhof Vaduz

Day 3: Hotel Restaurant Mammertsberg in Roggwil

The following day, we continued our road trip to the final destination. But before checking into the hotel, we take advantage of the nice weather to explore the lakeside.

When Lake Constance appears in our view, it feels more like the sea. It is wide and generous; we can only make out the German shoreline by squinting our eyes. The town of Arbon lives up to its name. The Latin word for “tree,” Arbon has many shade providers along the walkways and on public lawns. We spent the afternoon strolling through Arbon and sitting by the lake.

Arbon Lakeside - Summer 2020

We conclude our road trip at Hotel Mammertsberg, located in nearby Roggwil. This historic country inn sits higher up and offers unobstructed views of Lake Constance. I took many pictures of this view during the stay - at dusk or breakfast in the morning sun.

Hotel Mammertsberg in Roggwil

Our hosts, August and Luisa Minikus, have been awaiting us. Just like their colleagues at the other hotels on this trip, they welcome us personally. This authentic hospitality is exactly why we have come to trust Relais & Châteaux.

First, we are invited into the open kitchen adjacent to the modern "Monolith" building. With August Minikus being the executive chef at the Mammertsberg, the owner has involved him and his wife in the 2013 renovation.

The chef’s vision for an open kitchen plan was implemented, and I can tell that the result is a source of pride for the hosts.

Hotel Mammertsberg in Roggwil

We are served a refreshing summer drink of peppermint lime ice tea with a splash of Prosecco. How fitting for an eatery that has graduated from a local train station restaurant to a gourmet temple.

The wine cellar, with its 600 positions, is the realm of Luisa Miniskus, the hostess and sommelier of the house. The Catalonian vineyard, Clos d’Agnon, produces the house wine for Mammertsberg.

Hotel Mammertsberg in Roggwil

It has an interesting Switzerland connection as six Swiss wine connoisseurs purchased the historic vineyard in 1998. With much passion and expert knowledge, the wine was rejuvenated and has won praise ever since.

When asked about her favorite notes, the sommelier elaborates: "To feel the elegance of the wine, 13 to 14 percent Burgundy is what I like the most."

The centerpiece of the dining hall is a modern staircase which has put a spell on my camera... It looks spectacular from every angle!

Hotel Mammertsberg in Roggwil

Tonight's menu highlights the philosophy of Chef Minikus. Each ingredient is there for a reason, pops up, and wants to be tasted.

Needless to say, ingredients are locally sourced, such as the "Egli" fish from Lake Constance served on a bed of finely diced green beans. We tasted some sort of pepper, possibly black pepper, and mustard seeds with a hint of homemade mayonnaise.

Chef Minikus has prepared four salts for the homemade bread: chocolate salt, smoked salt, herbal salt with rosemary and thyme, and tomato salt with an Asian kick.

With fine dining, I often have these "I know this taste, but what is it?" moments. Tonight, I am having many of these moments. The harmony of each dish is exquisite, but I am trying to pin down each flavor. Is it lime tree leaf essence? Is it cayenne pepper?

Hotel Mammertsberg in Roggwil

When Chef Minikus stops by the tables to greet all the guests, he is cheerful and joyful.

His cooking has the same joyfulness but with the perfection of a seasoned chef. The colors, ingredients, tastes... His dishes have joyfulness, and the Michelin star is well deserved.

Hotel Mammertsberg in Roggwil

Thank you, Relais & Châteaux Switzerland, for taking us on this road trip in Switzerland - from the mountains to the lake.

(For the purpose of this article, Relais & Châteaux has offered one night at each of the before-mentioned hotels, including all meals.)

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