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Roger Federer vs. Lindsey Vonn in #ChocolateHeaven (Sponsored Post)

ChocolateHeaven - Roger FedererTwitter is one large public message forum. Striking up a conversation with most anyone is as easy as finding the Twitter handle and composing a message of 140 characters or less.

When it comes to the Swiss national icon Roger Federer, it could not be any easier. He is one of the world's top athletes who also happens to be top on social media. Thanks to his obvious passion for Twitter, @rogerfederer holds regular Q&A sessions with his 1.94m followers...

BFF 4EVER: Roger and Lindsey

One of these followers has a special status in Roger's Twitter rolodex: Lindsey Vonn. This American downhill skier and four time World Cup championship winner is also an avid social media geek.

Roger and Lindsey have a genuine friendship outside of the Twitterverse, too. They regularly attend each other's competitions and provide support during difficult times... So I am convinced that it was either chocolate or Lindsey who helped Roger Federer get over the recent Wimbledon loss - or a combination of both!

An Invitation to #ChocolateHeaven

Being athletes, Roger Federer and Lindsey Vonn are naturally competitive. This trait is now going to play itself out in the public space of social media! During a recent Skype call, Roger Federer challenged Lindsey Vonn to join him for some kind of competition involving a mountain.

Downhill skiing, perhaps?!? The presumptuous hashtag for this challenge: #ChocolateHeaven

ChocolateHeaven - Roger FedererWatch a recording of their recent Skype call and form your own opinion! What do you think the challenge may be all about?


A Tennis Match on the Jungfraujoch

It came as a big surprise to find Roger Federer's helicopter selfie the morning of the challenge reveal:

When the much talked about video was finally released, #ChocolateHeaven was no longer a mystery: As part of the opening of Lindt's chocolate store on top of Jungfraujoch, Federer challenged his friend Lindsey Vonn to a game of tennis! See for yourself:


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(Post sponsored by Lindt, but all thoughts are our own; square photograph via @NajwaAbuHaider)

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