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Romantic Civil Marriage in Switzerland

Hotel FloraAlpina Vierwaldstättersee
Love in the air, and the paperwork is still ahead! Getting married in Switzerland involves some direct democracy. All engaged couples must be listed on the public announcement in the town hall for about five weeks to allow for objections to be logged.

But who would object to the lovebirds anyways? Forgotten ex-lovers? Future in-laws? More or less, it is about avoiding bigamous marriage or criminal conversation in front of the public eyes.

Hotel FloraAlpina Vierwaldstättersee
It is the registrar who processes the marriage documents, reviews the application, and notifies the engaged couple in writing whether or not the marriage can be concluded. And, it is the same registrar who will conduct the civil marriage ceremony at the registry office. If the engaged couple wishes, they must ask the registrar for an authorization to celebrate the wedding in the commune of their choice.

Specialized in wedding events, the Hotel FloraAlpina in Vitznau gladly helps engaged couples to organize a civil ceremony in the heart of picturesque landscapes of mountains and lakes. A ceremony under the open sky with a breathtaking view of the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Luzern) guarantees unforgettable moments.

Hotel FloraAlpina Vierwaldstättersee
From the terrace to the sandy beach, the lovebirds and their happy guests get to celebrate the special day by the foot of Mt. Rigi, the "Queen of the Mountains". From June to October, a panorama marquee is also available to accommodate up to 160 people. For bigger celebrations, the meadow can host over 300 guests.

"The homely atmosphere and the great hospitality attract visitors from near and far. We look forward to arranging every celebration according to the wishes of the couple and want them to enjoy their special day," says the Manager of Guest Relations at Hotel FloraAlpina.

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