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Spend a day at Jucker Farm, a favorite destination for all ages

Jucker Farm Seegräben

It is Saturday morning and we have been awake since 6 AM. (The little one has decided to start his day early, therefore our day, too!)

Maybe he knows that we are up to a little trip somewhere - but where to go? It is too early in the morning to go on a boat cruise. And the zoo will be way too crowded with this nice weather. We feel like going for a walk. But honestly, just a short stroll from the parking lot to some fun place...

Something occurs to me: "How about going to Jucker Farm in Seegräben?" Suddenly, everybody is excited! Let’s go! Even the little one pulls his green rubber boots out of the shelf (the only shoes he will wear at the moment) and says enthusiastically: "Gömmer!" ("Let’s go!" in Swiss German.)

Jucker Farm is just around the corner from Zürich

It is only a short drive from our home in Zürcher Oberland to the town of Seegräben. Because we arrive before 10 AM, there are still plenty of parking options available. We even have the valued luxury of a shady tree. (If you arrive at noon or later, be ready to spend some time waiting on a busy parking lot.)

Insider tip: another good option is to park your car at Strandbad Auslikon. From there, it is a beautiful 20 minutes walk on the flat shore path of Lake Pfäffikon. Once you reach the small bridge, make a stop and look out for the fish which can often be observed in the clear water. This is a favorite for kids. It sits on the little hill in front of you, next to the picturesque church. You won't be able to miss it.

Back at the parking lot near the farm, we grab a wheelbarrow with the sign "Kinder-Taxi". The little one loves to hang in there as we push him up the hill into kids-paradise.

Jucker Farm - Kinder Taxi

On the premises of Jucker Farm, there is a playground – countryside style!

On a sunny day, look for one of the many fruit trees providing shade. You will also notice tables with large sunbrellas, where they have set up beer garden style tables and benches. The trees provide shade while you eat. There is a fenced in area where kids can pet the cheeky goats.

Jucker Farm Seegräben

And there are two old tractors which kids can sit on, turn on the heavy steering wheel and feel as free as a farmer on the nearby fields. A huge pile made of straw bales and lots of colorful hammocks hanging in the trees complete this farm style playground for small and big kids.

Jucker Farm Seegräben

Inside the self-service restaurant, it’s foodie paradise!

For the adults, there is one thing that will catch your attention the moment you make your way to Jucker Farm: The magnificent view over the turquoise lake, the rolling hills and the Bachtel peak (a local hill with a tower on top). In the background, you might even see the snowy Alps.

Jucker Farm Seegräben

The panoramic views from this hilltop are just so beautiful! After we check out the small farm shop with locally grown vegetables, fruits and homemade sausages (try the chocolate-cinnamon-coated-pumpkin-seeds!), it is time for a small snack.

In the canteen style restaurant, we find ourselves in foodie paradise: Piles of cake, waffles, pancakes… Fresh salads, müesli, smoothies… And also, hearty meals like Rösti with fried eggs, quiches and on the nostalgic black stove simmer two different types of soup. There are endless options for beverages, too. I like their homemade ice tea, or the delicious apple juice. Prost!

Jucker Farm Seegräben

It is a fun destination during any season

If you feel like going for a stroll after your feast, take the path through the vineyard down to the lake. Badi Seegräben is a public bath with no admission, so why not go for a swim in the clear waters of Lake Pfäffikon? A basic changing room and a diving platform are available.

Jucker Farm Seegräben

Make sure to visit Jucker Farm in Seegräben during fall!

This is when there is a huge selection of pumpkins all over the place, and it is the perfect time to get a sausage at the shop and BBQ it over the warm and comfy fire bowl outside. Your kids will love it and beg you to return there as soon as possible!

During fall, there is also an apple tree maze. But the farm is really known for their themed exhibits where they decorate anything from giraffes to dinosaurs with pumpkins and apples. On those early fall days, we like to stop by to see what the creative hands at Jucker have come up with.

More information

  • When: Open 365 days (!)
  • What: A fun day out for you and the kids, delicious homemade foods, a fine selection of beer and non-alcoholic beverages; weekend brunches (book in advance!)
  • Who: Anyone who likes farm life or wants to escape from the city

Jucker Farm AG
Dorfstrasse 23
8607 Seegräben
Phone +41 44 934 34 84

Jucker Farm Seegräben
Jucker Farm Seegräben


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