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Museum Langmatt is ideal for celebrating the longest day of the year

Museum Langmatt Baden

Every June 21st, you’ll see them: Ladies with flowers in their hair. Little boys in white collared shirts. Foreigners like this author in jeans and Birkenstocks.

The Picnic Etude, held at Baden’s Museum Langmatt on the longest day of the year, is the place to be seen - but only, obviously, if you realized that ahead of time.

Museum Langmatt in Baden

So, sip wine, listen to tango music, and soak in a little old-school European flair as you lounge in the gardens of one of Baden's finest turn-of-the-century mansions.

Museum Langmatt Baden

The Museum Langmatt was built by Karl Moser in the style of an English country house. Adding to the atmosphere are lush gardens, a trickling fountain, and grass worth taking off your heels (or German sandals) for.

Not in Baden on the summer solstice?

That’s okay, you can still picnic at Museum Langmatt and even order a picnic basket with advance notice. Or you can dine at the café in the former orangery. The mansion is called Museum Langmatt for a reason - you can take a tour of the interior year-round.

Museum Langmatt - Picnic Basket

Either way, you’ll dine in style. And it's well worth it. While you may not recognize the names of the former owners (the Sidney Brown-Sulzer family, who founded what is now ABB), you will recognize a few other famous names amongst the French furnishings inside the house. Like Degas, Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, and Cézanne.

Museum Langmatt Baden

For more information:
Picnic Etude
Wed, June 21 2017, 5 PM
Free admission, download the program guide

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