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“At the Tracks” Street Photography by Markus Fischer

Markus Fischer - "At the tracks" Street Photography

When you think of Switzerland and photography, the first thing that comes to mind might be lush, green valleys with grazing cows, chalets and snow-capped mountains.

Or maybe the picturesque, historic castles. All of these are certainly spectacular, yet Markus Fischer, a Swiss designer and photographer, has a different idea of highlighting Switzerland.

One of his projects, At the tracks, implies photography of train stations in Switzerland. Photography wise, train stations are an underrated topic yet such an important part of Swiss everyday life. (Switzerland is surpassed only by the Japanese when it comes to the train usage compared to other modes of transportation.)

Markus Fischer - "At the tracks" Street Photography

Markus Fischer - At the tracks

With this picture series, Markus Fischer intends to portray his home country in another way and show its bustling life on public transport.

Markus Fischer - "At the tracks" Street Photography

As part of this street photography project, he reveals the rush and hurry we go through so often, the frozen passerby’s (e)motions, the little things and unrepeatable moments we have around on an every day basis yet are no longer noticing.

Markus Fischer - "At the tracks" Street Photography

Be it a dreamy glimpse of a boy looking out the train window, or an interesting set of shapes and shades somewhere on the street.

Markus Fischer - "At the tracks" Street Photography
Markus Fischer - "At the tracks" Street Photography

Through his raw, monochrome and simple work, Markus directs your attention to the beauty in the mundane.

Markus Fischer - "At the tracks" Street Photography

Acknowledging the strengths of this compact retro-facade camera, Markus has been converted into a loyal Fuji X100 user ever since he got his hands on it. When Markus is out on the streets in action, you will most likely see him taking this reliable buddy out for a spin. The editing is done with the simple VSCO Cam photo editor.

Markus Fischer - "At the tracks" Street Photography
Markus Fischer - "At the tracks" Street Photography

As a Fuji X100 owner myself, I join in Markus' excitement about this photo camera which has claimed great reviews of many top photographers. The inconspicuous looks and the quiet operation of the camera make it a powerful weapon that is capable of capturing people in their natural appearance without raising their attention.

Whatever camera you may have, though, all it takes is a little inspiration and a creative approach. Are you also curious in trying your hand out in street photography?

See these 5 great tips on successful street photography courtesy of Markus Fischer:

  • Never leave home without your camera. Your next best street photograph could be waiting just around the corner.
  • Let your camera help you. Auto ISO or program mode can do a fabulous job. You might not get a second chance when you miss the shot while changing the settings.
  • Shoot in burst mode. Every moment has a better version, and you will get better results in burst than by shooting several photos from one scene.
  • Let people think you are a tourist. Look over your camera like you would wait for people to pass - but in fact you are shooting...
  • Don't let the weather keep you from shooting. Rain is beautiful for street photos.

Intrigued by the tips Markus shared with me, I head out in the alluring streets of Bern to give myself a shot in urban photography. Here are the results of my trip - I hope you enjoy them!

Swiss Street Photography - Kristine
Swiss Street Photography - Kristine

It feels like hunting while you squint your eyes like an eagle, looking for that next special shot. You just drift away into another world while wandering about and listening to music on your headphones. Street photography is a great way to spend a free evening and relax in your own way.

Swiss Street Photography - Kristine


Kristīne is a Tourism Organisation and Management graduate from Latvia, currently living in Bern.

She is into travelling, photography, handicrafts and online marketing. She doesn't spend the weekends home, and she will never say "no" to an invitation to go hiking in the mountains.


  • Thanks for this article, very interesting. These are some good shots. Its always nice to learn about other street photographers who work in switzerland. And yes, about the photograph of your son, i dont take photographs of kids also. I mean its working if its a symbol and the child isnt identifiable, maybe as a silhouette.

    By the way, i love shooting at the trainstation too, its like pure life and you see all kind of emotions. It also has something nostalgic for some reason.


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