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Meet vanillacrunnch, the talented food Instagramer from Switzerland

Lara vanillacrunnch Instagramer

I admit to having a sweet tooth, so no wonder I've developed a crush on delicious Instagram profiles.

Because what could be better than indulging in heavenly #foodp0rn on Instagram while chowing down on a simple ham sandwich? One of my favorite food accounts is run by Lara Delilah from Bern. Lara is the passionate foodie and talented photographer behind @vanillacrunnch, and she agreed to answer some personal questions exclusively for Newly Swissed.


Lara, what's your earliest memory of chocolate?

Lara: I strongly believe that I already had chocolate milk when my mom was breast feeding me... But actually, the one thing I can remember is the huge chocolate cake I got for my fifth birthday. There is a picture of me with chocolate all over my face! It is a very funny memory and it tells me that I have always loved chocolate - a fact that has not changed so far.


You have a huge following on Instagram. Can you tell before posting a picture whether it will take off? And what are the favorite subjects your followers go nuts about?

I wish that I could tell, but I absolutely don't know. It is crazy and you never know with Instagram. Of course, I can tell that desserts containing chocolate usually work quite well. But sometimes, a simple picture with nicely arranged fruits get more attention.

Instagram has recently changed the algorithm and since then, things are messed up and you don't really know who's going to see your picture. Overall, I would say authentic pictures with a catchy caption work best. Also, asking questions and engaging with followers is beneficial. It will help bonding with your followers on a long term basis.


Which Instagram hashtags do you monitor to still your own cravings?

Of course, I often scroll through the #chocolate hashtag. But since I'm into vegan baking and the whole plant based lifestyle, as well as photography, my top 5 would be: #beautifulcuisines #glowlean #plantbased #rawcakes #acaibowl


What are your best hints for staying in shape?

I think there are some hints, but overall I just try to stick to a balanced lifestyle in every area of my life. Concerning food and exercising, I drink a lot of water, preferably with a slice of lemon. Another thing is that I always keep healthy snacks around such as raw bars, fruits, nuts or raw chocolate. They prevent me from running to the next store and buying tons of Maltesers or M&M's.

I try to move my body whenever possible. I'm a very active person and I work out on a daily basis because I simply love the feeling of being active. I think once you find the kind of activities you truly love, it is so much easier sticking to them as a routine. If you are not into sports at all, I suggest taking the stairs whenever possible and going for walks after dinner - preferably in the forest.


And finally, which spaces in Bern to you visit when you are in town?

Food wise, I really like Bonbec! They have amazing vegan dishes, and the brownie combined with their match latte is just a dream! The most beautiful place to hang out during summer is the Bärenpark at the Aare river.

When it rains, I usually walk through Bern's old town and find a small cafe where I will read a book and drink a hot chocolate. And of course, a walk to the top of the popular Gurten hill is a must for every tourist.


Now, check out Lara's delicious Instagram feed:






Full Day of Eating {2500kcal+, high carb, high happy, highly motivated} now on my Blog! Happy Sunday 💗

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Disclaimer: Lara is a contributor at Newly Swissed.

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