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13 Swiss Instagrammers You Should Follow

Switzerland is one of the most Instagram-worthy countries.

Why? Because in the nature department, she offers mountains, lakes, waterfalls and glaciers. In the architecture department, there is everything from Medieval to urban industrial. In transportation, there are cable cars, trams, trains and boats. And when it comes to culture, the Swiss enjoy a world-class museum density and centuries old traditions.

Whether you are homesick for Switzerland or in desperate need of a vacation, follow these handpicked Swiss Instagrammers for some temporary relief:


Swiss Instagrammers - andrestummer


Swiss Instagrammers - borisbaldinger


Swiss Instagrammers - kitkat_ch


Swiss Instagrammers - munichandthemountains


Swiss Instagrammers - mykugelhopf


Swiss Instagrammers - naomimeran


Swiss Instagrammers - nicolehunziker


Swiss Instagrammers - railstagram


Swiss Instagrammers - raphaeldupertuis


Swiss Instagrammers - slvcns


Swiss Instagrammers - tizzia


Swiss Instagrammers - travelita


Last but not least, a shameless plug for our own Instagram collection...

Swiss Instagrammers - newlyswissed

Did we miss any awesome Swiss Instagrammers? Let us know in the comments.

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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