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Swiss Safe Deposit Box for Luxury Cars

Swiss Safe Deposit Box for Luxury Cars

It is no secret that Switzerland is full of expensive cars, because many owners are not afraid to show them off any chance they get.

Protecting of Investments

Swiss Safe Deposit Box for Luxury Cars

There are car aficionados and collectors who regard their fleet of luxury vehicles not just as status symbols but rather as investments. In order to safely store their cars, the wealthy will soon have had access to 70 secure storage compartments which can each be rented for 11'500 francs per month.

Located in Horgen near Zurich, the Meilenwerk used to be a production floor for weaving equipment. (Update 2014: The future of Meilenwerk is uncertain)

A Swiss Tradition

Safe deposit boxes have a long tradition in Switzerland as banks continue to rent them for storing of valuable assets. So the temperature controlled and fire proof parking spaces at Meilenwerk seem like a natural extension of this tradition - even if unaffordable for 99 percent of us!

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Apart from storage boxes, the renovated Meilenwerk plant is going to feature workshops for vintage car collectors, event spaces, a hotel, a restaurant and even a beer garden. Several dozen classic cars will be displayed in glass boxes. So ultimately, this former factory will be made accessible to all lovers of classic cars...

Swiss Safe Deposit Box for Luxury Cars(Pictures copyright Markus Bolsinger, Meilenwerk AG)

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