This Swiss Stamp is a Vinyl Record, too!

Swiss Record Player Stamp 2014Many years ago, precious Swiss stamps used to ring my bells. I collected these tiny papers dated 1900 all the way into to 1996. By the time I stopped spending my Sunday afternoons at geeky stamp collectors‘ fairs, I had an almost complete set of Swiss stamps: Mountains, flowers, animals, trains and Swiss innovation. I had it all.

But a miracle stamp which produces the Swiss National Anthem when placed on a record player... in my dreams!

Swiss Record Player Stamp 2014

According to the Swiss Postal Service, the record player design was chosen to pay tribute to the good old age of vinyl. And those who know their record players will notice the model depicted on the stamp. It is a TD 184 by Swiss manufacturer Thorens.


"Play, lick and mail!"

When the Swiss Postal Service sent me a mass mailing announcing their special edition multimedia stamp, I was catapulted right back into Stamp Heaven!

Did I hear you say "so what"?

Sure, those of you who have long abandoned mailing letters or postcards in lieu of WhatsApp and Instagram might not care. But as for everyone else who has a knack for gadgety stuff and design, this will have them salivating...

Swiss Record Player Stamp 2014

A special polymer was used to embed a brass interpretation of the Swiss National Anthem. And even when broken out of the special collector’s card, the 5 franc stamp will produce a sound on a record player at 33 rpm.

For once, a tag line which does not overpromise: "Play, lick and mail!"

Swiss Record Player Stamp 2014

Order one for your collection (worldwide delivery)

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