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Swiss Travel Pass Price 2024: Fares, Discounts, Price Changes

For the first time in years, the price of the Swiss Travel Pass is set to increase in 2024.

This comprehensive overview is designed to provide all the necessary information on the Swiss Travel Pass price 2024. We have included a historical fare analysis, and we answer the most pertinent questions about the cost of the Swiss Travel Pass in the upcoming season.

Swiss Travel Pass Price Increase 2024: Does the Swiss Travel Pass price change in 2024?

Yes, after many years of no changes, the prices for the Swiss Travel Pass are set to increase in 2024. The increase is attributed to inflation, increased operational costs, and a higher VAT rate in Switzerland as of 2024.

Also, services have been continuously improved to enhance the travel experience, including launching a new premium panoramic train line.

It's worth noting that the Swiss Travel Pass price remains consistent across online outlets and ticket booths in Switzerland. No matter where you purchase the pass, the Swiss Travel Pass 2024 price will be identical.

However, purchasing it online up to 6 months in advance can save you time and potentially money, as you might be able to secure your pass at 2023 prices for travels in spring 2024.

How much does the Swiss Travel Pass cost in 2024? How much is Swiss Travel Pass for 2024?

The exact prices for the Swiss Travel Pass in 2024 will depend on the duration of the pass and the class of service you choose (1st class or 2nd class). For a quick reference, here are the prices for 2024 compared to 2023:

First ClassSecond Class
3-day passCHF 389 vs. CHF 369CHF 244 vs. CHF 232
4-day passCHF 469 vs. CHF 447CHF 295 vs. CHF 281
6-day passCHF 602 vs. CHF 570CHF 379 vs. CHF 359
8-day passCHF 665 vs. CHF 617CHF 419 vs. CHF 389
15-day passCHF 723 vs. CHF 675CHF 459 vs. CHF 429
Chart of 2024 Adult Swiss Travel Pass Prices (Consecutive Days)

Historic Swiss Travel Pass Pricing Evolution 2019 - 2024

To illustrate how little the pricing of the Swiss Travel Pass has changed over the years, we have compiled a detailed list of prices from 2019 to 2024, along with the percentage change compared to the previous year.

We used the 3-day Swiss Travel Pass as an example. This will help you understand how little the prices have changed in the past five years.

First ClassSecond Class
2019: Baseline PricingCHF 369CHF 232
2020: No ChangesCHF 369CHF 232
2021: Pandemic RecoveryCHF 369CHF 232
2022: Pandemic RecoveryCHF 369CHF 232
2023: Global InflationCHF 369CHF 232
2024: Price IncreasesCHF 389 (+5.4%)CHF 244 (+5.1%)
Trend Chart of 2019 - 2024 Swiss Travel Pass Prices

Our analysis reflects no price increases for several years despite expanding services. Despite increased operational costs, the Swiss Travel Pass fully covers the new GoldenPass Express train line.

Only in 2024, prices are increasing some 5.1% for 2nd-class or 5.4% for first-class passes. 

Swiss Travel Pass Price 2024 - Looking out from a train window into the Switzerland landscape

Tips for Buying the Swiss Travel Pass: Can I avoid the higher price by buying my pass in 2023? How Do I Buy the Swiss Travel Pass?

To save on the costs of a pass for traveling in 2024, you might consider purchasing your Swiss Travel Pass in 2023 before the price increase takes effect.

When booking, it’s important to check the terms and conditions to ensure that the pass will still be valid for your travel dates in 2024. Most web shops will charge the new price if you pick a pass start date in 2024. Start here by visiting the RailEurope ticket shop.

When it comes to purchasing the Swiss Travel Pass, you have several options:

  • Online: You can buy the Swiss Travel Pass on the website of an authorized online sales agent such as GetYourGuide.
  • Ticket Counter: The Swiss Travel Pass is available at airport railway stations and many major train stations across Switzerland.
  • Authorized Travel Agents: Find authorized travel agents in your country through the website.

How to get a discount on the Swiss Travel Pass?

The Swiss Travel Pass offers various discounts for different age groups and travel durations. Please consult our up-to-date blog post with answers to frequently asked questions about the Swiss Travel Pass, including discounts and promotions:

Will the coverage change in 2024?

Currently, no official information suggests changes in the coverage of the Swiss Travel Pass in 2024. The pass is expected to continue offering unlimited travel on the Swiss Travel System network, including trains, buses, boats, and select mountain railways and cable cars.

This Swiss Travel Pass benefits include free admission to more than 500 museums, free travel on premium panorama trains, and much more.

Our verdict about the Swiss Travel Pass price 2024

The Swiss Travel Pass remains a valuable asset for travelers looking to explore Switzerland with ease and flexibility. It has lately proven increasingly popular among solo travelers who want to optimize their stay to the max.

Despite the price increase in 2024, the pass offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to hop on and off trains, buses, and boats at your leisure. With additional benefits like free admission to museums and free travel on premium panorama trains, the Swiss Travel Pass continues to provide exceptional value for your Swiss adventure in 2024.

Don't forget to check out our other blog posts for more insights and tips on making the most of your Swiss Travel Pass!

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