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Swiss Travel Pass FAQs: Helpful Answers for 2024

The Swiss Travel Pass is designed for backpackers, city hoppers, families, and railway lovers. It offers a cost-effective way to travel across Switzerland by public transportation.

You’re probably wondering: How much does it cost? And are there any discounts? We often get these and many other questions about the Swiss Travel Pass.

Deciding whether the Swiss Travel Pass is right for you can be overwhelming. Our comprehensive overview of benefits could be a good starter. But first-timers will end up with many unanswered questions, still.

So, we decided to answer them once and for all. We've got you covered, from where to purchase the Swiss Travel Pass to its activation and available discounts to the refund policy. Whether you're a curious first-time visitor to Switzerland or want to plan a Swiss itinerary for your friends from abroad, keep reading for answers to the most common Swiss Travel Pass FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Swiss Travel Pass

Purchase and refunds

What the physical Swiss Travel Pass contains:

How much does the Swiss Travel Pass cost in 2024?

As of January 1, 2024, the prices for the Swiss Travel Pass and Swiss Travel Pass Flex will increase an average of 5.9 percent compared to 2023. The prices for both passes will continue to be offered for 3, 4, 6, 8, and 15 days.

Pass TypeDuration2nd Class Price1st Class Price
Swiss Travel Pass3 daysCHF 244CHF 389
4 daysCHF 295CHF 469
6 daysCHF 379CHF 602
8 daysCHF 419CHF 665
15 daysCHF 459CHF 723
Swiss Travel Pass Flex3 days within 1 monthCHF 279CHF 445
4 days within 1 monthCHF 339CHF 539
6 days within 1 monthCHF 405CHF 644
8 days within 1 monthCHF 439CHF 697
15 days within 1 monthCHF 479CHF 755
Swiss Travel Pass Prices 2024

What's the difference between the consecutive Swiss Travel Pass and the Swiss Travel Pass Flex?

There are two types of Swiss Travel Passes: the consecutive Swiss Travel Pass. and the Swiss Travel Pass Flex. Both passes offer unlimited travel on the Swiss Travel System network, but there are some key differences between the two.

The consecutive Swiss Travel Pass is valid for a specified number of consecutive days, such as 3, 4, 8, or 15 days. You can use the pass for continuous travel within the specified days.

On the other hand, the Swiss Travel Pass Flex allows you to choose a certain number of non-consecutive days within one month.

For example, if you have a 15-day Flex pass, you can travel for 15 days within one month, but these days do not have to be consecutive. The Flex Pass is ideal for travelers who wish to have more flexibility in their itinerary and have the freedom to choose when and where to travel.

When choosing between the two passes, consider your travel itinerary, stay duration, and budget. If you plan to travel extensively around Switzerland and visit many museums, then the Swiss Travel Pass is a good option. However, the Swiss Travel Pass Flex is a better choice if you want more flexibility in your itinerary and have the freedom to choose when and where to travel.

Activation and logistics

Swiss Travel Pass Electronic Ticket on a Smartphone
Swiss Travel Pass Electronic Ticket

Benefits and perks

Swiss Travel Pass FAQs - Zurich Airport Train Station
Zurich Airport Train Station

Is the Swiss Travel Pass the same as the Swiss Pass?

Good question! No, the two passes are not the same. Consider the Swiss Travel Pass a golden ticket for tourists, granting them access to various transportation options. Swiss Pass is the former name.

Today, the SwissPass is a chip card and digital account intended for Swiss residents. It lets them load annual public transport passes and other products onto an electronic card.

As a tourist, it's important to remember that the Swiss Travel Pass and SwissPass are two distinct products, each catering to different needs. Adding your Swiss Travel Pass to a SwissPass online account would be like trying to use a library card to buy groceries - it simply doesn't make sense.

Is the Swiss Travel Pass worth it?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it will depend on your individual needs and preferences. The Swiss Travel Pass offers many benefits that can greatly enhance your travel experiences in Switzerland.

Key benefits include saving money on transportation, free access to museums, and the convenience of not purchasing individual tickets.

Read our dedicated post to find out: Is the Swiss Travel Pass worth it?

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Got any more questions?

We hope to have answered your pressing Swiss Travel Pass FAQs. If you have any additional inquiries, please leave a comment or send an email. We will research the answer and reply as soon as possible.

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  • We are traveling to Switzerland in July and our must do is the Glacier Express from Brig to Chur. If I purchase the Swiss travel pass that will get us on the train but then we need to purchase and actual seat, is that correct?

Dimitri Burkhard

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