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Swiss Typography Maps by Ursula Hitz

Ursula Hitz - Typography Map - SwitzerlandUrsula Hitz is a Swiss artist and designer. While cheese making is mentioned as one of her talents, it was her graphic design and typography work which sparked our interest. Her projects focus mostly around places and spaces, which she artfully recreates with her typographic maps.

The maps featuring Switzerland are visually engaging and incredibly detailed, and yet they remain playful. We could imagine decorating our office with any one of these works of art!

Ursula Hitz - Typography Map - Switzerland
Ursula Hitz - Typography Map Zurich
Ursula Hitz - Typography Map Zurich
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(Pictures copyright Ursula Hitz)

Dimitri Burkhard

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  • Hi! These are just beautiful! Can you tell me a little more about the first map – the one of Switzerland? I’ve been trying to figure out what the words/numbers refer to on the map. I can’t seem to find that map on Ursula Hitz’ website to read further about it! Great finds. :)

Dimitri Burkhard

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