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Switzerland Winter Style Guide

In Switzerland, snow will be falling soon and Christmas is getting closer. This can only mean one thing: Winter and skiing. Style plays a big role in Switzerland during this time of the year (and the Swiss are known to have good taste)!

Statistically speaking, the Swiss are the wealthiest people in the world, so it makes sense why they tend to enjoy luxurious goods. But even if you are working and have a limited budget, here are some ideas for beautiful winter style products to usher in the season:

City Flat or Mountain Chalet?

In 2012, Ikea Switzerland had introduced the Chalet Collection. Furs, deer head prints and wool blankets are the main features designed to make your home feel more like a ski chalet with a view of the mountains rather than a one-bedroom flat covered by winter fog.

Swiss Winter Style Guide - IKEA Switzerland

The Smell of Winter

It may be cold in the city, but that does not mean that your sense of smell is hibernating! In winter, Swiss cities smell of roasted chestnuts (Marroni). Now, you can bring this nostalgic Ticino tradition into your home, even if you do not have a fireplace. Chestnut roasters are sold at electronic outlets for reasonable prices, and they allow you to effortlessly fill your home with wintery smells.

Swiss Winter Style Guide - Marroniofen

Cheese Heaven

Winter means that even the cheese conscious break out their Caquelon for fondue, and cheese grills for Raclette. The styles and price range for these Swiss home essentials vary like the dialects in the alpine confederation. Between your grocery store and your luxury boutique, you are sure to find one that meets your discretionary taste and budget...

Swiss Winter Style Guide - Cheese Fondue and Raclette

Warm Hands

Even if you do not hit the slopes the winter, protecting your hands from the cold will be key to preventing dryness. A lot can be said for a nice pair of gloves to warm your hands. The folks at Snowlife have designed beautiful gloves, and one of my personal favorites are the Swiss Army Woolen Gloves.

Swiss Winter Style Guide - Snowlife Gloves Switzerland

Army Vintage

There is nothing like curling up under a warm wool blanket on a cold winter night! If you are into vintage apparel, you will probably love the look and feel of original Swiss Army blankets... These blankets date back to the 1914, so due to the natural wool used, they each have a unique look and feel.

The Desalpes Company produces a variety of decorative articles made of Swiss Army blanket fabrics. Their pillows, bags and pouches have "Swissness" written all over:

Swiss Winter Style Guide - The Desalpes Company

High-Tech but Classic

In my books, winter stands for skiing. A modern yet retro looking pair of skis are sure to give you tons of pleasure and make you the envy of the slopes. The Bündner ski manufacturer Zai makes some of the world’s most beautiful skis. If they are a little out of your price range, you might be interested in visiting the shop where these pieces of art are made.

Zai Skis
Thanks to this Swiss winter style guide, you will be able to usher in the new season with class!


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