Alpine Cheese Making at Musenalp in Isenthal, Switzerland

Our alpine cheese making experience at Musenalp

Switzerland is tiny in comparison with many other countries. Yet, some alpine meadows go unnoticed. At Musenalp, we witnessed alpine cheese making...
Hotel Gstaad Palace, Gstaad (BE) undatiert (um 1970) Kunstanstalt Brügger, Meiringen

Totally Retro Photographs of Hotel Swimming Pools ("Bikini in den Bergen")

I attended an interesting gathering of journalists at the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern. We were there for the "Bikini in den Bergen" photo exhibition...
Swiss Fort Knox

How to Fit a Cloud Inside a Swiss Mountain

While Switzerland’s banking system is increasingly under attack, another lucrative business has sprung up: Cloud storage...
Panorama Knife

Panorama Knives Mimic Swiss Mountains

Whenever we go for a hike or spend a day of skiing in Switzerland, we will bring a local map outlining all the surrounding peaks...
Winter Wonderland - Lois Hechenblaikner

Switzerland: Alpine Playground or Winter Wonderland?

Back 200 years ago, the mountainous regions of Switzerland were largely off limits in the minds of the local population. But thanks in part to the curious British, the Swiss Alps have become easily accessible just a few generations later...
Swiss Mountain Huts - Solvay Hut

6 Extreme Swiss Mountain Huts

Few mountaineers would likely attempt to conquer the extreme verticals of Switzerland – were it not for the various mountain huts...
Della Bella - Switzerland by Night

Switzerland by Night Video

Professional photographer by day, artist by night: Alessandro Della Bella certainly has a passion for his camera! His time-lapse video Helvetia by Night went viral...

Hiking is Switzerland's Real National Sport

To the average Swiss person, melting snow simply means it’s time to put away their snow gear and break out their hiking gear...

Mt. Schilthorn - In the Footsteps of James Bond

Back in the late 1960's, building a revolving restaurant on top…