What to do during the Coronavirus Lockdown in Switzerland

11 creative ways to survive the Coronavirus lockdown

We live in exceptional times. We get to be heroes and save lives in the most millennial way possible: by staying at home and binge-watching Netflix!
Switzerland ApartmentLiebefeld

About the Swiss and their obsession with white walls

While working as an interior designer in Switzerland, I have seen my fair share of white walls. I have tried to assess Switzerland’s white wall syndrome...
Legal Rights of Tenants in Switzerland

A Primer on Legal Rights of Tenants in Switzerland

When in a foreign country, the least you would want is to be facing legal issues related to rental contracts and the rights and responsibilities of tenants.
Apartment Flat Cleaning in Switzerland

Apartment Cleaning in Switzerland - How to Make a Clean Exit

Every country has its own quirks when it comes to moving house, and Switzerland is no different. From the ominous Endreinigung, to the typical...
Swiss Shared Laundry Room System

A primer on shared laundry rooms in Switzerland

With such a high quality of living standards, it comes to a surprise that many Swiss still share a laundry machine among several apartments...
Swiss Shared Laundry Room System

10 Steps to Settling in Switzerland: Renting an Apartment (#2)

First, drink some lime blossom tea and breath deeply… I am…