Hoher Kasten – with view over the Appenzell AlpsHoher Kasten

An unforgettable weekend in the Appenzell Alps (Sponsored)

How to best explore the Appenzell Alps? Start from Hoher Kasten, the Top of Appenzell! Located in the heart of Europe, this peak offers...
Barefoot Hiking Trail in Appenzell

The time I hiked the Appenzell barefoot trail – barefoot!

Wood chips, river rocks and plain old mud: these are just some of the materials I was challenged with when I recently completed the Appenzell barefoot trail...
Mt. Säntis at Schwägalp - Mit Stil zum Ziel

Here's how to explore the Mt. Säntis region in style

We treasure the Alpstein region near Appenzell during all seasons. Recently, we arrived in style for a Sunday brunch on top of Mt. Säntis. Here is how to...
Appenzell Getaway Guide

Why you should drop everything and visit Appenzell

When people ask me where my family is from and I say "Appenzell", I usually get the response: "Like the cheese?" This region is often overlooked...
Appenzeller Foods You Must Try

10 Appenzell foods you must try in your lifetime

There are few places that have given their name to so many foods as Appenzell. Here are ten foods you must try to eat like an Appenzeller...

A Primer on Naïve Swiss Art from Appenzell

Switzerland is not particularly known for its art, but one of the most recognizable art styles in Switzerland is called naïve art...

4 Virtual Ways of Touring Switzerland

Nothing beats breathing the fresh air, tasting the crystal clear mountain water, or feeling the thrill of crossing dozens of viaducts and bridges by train! But in order to help you bridge the gap until your next visit, we have compiled some of the coolest ways of touring Switzerland – virtually! So take a moment, sit back and press “Play”...