Zurich Dock Crane - Zurich Transit Maritim

Vintage Art for Sale: Dock Crane, 90 Tons, Pick-up Required, Call Zürich!

What's the whole point? To bring a dock crane from Rostock in northern Germany all the way to Zurich in the landlocked country of Switzerland?
Swiss Gondola Cable Car Gumball Machine

Retro Gondola Is a Giant Gumball Vending Machine

There is a golden rule when it comes to skiing: "A day on the slopes starts with a ride to the top!" Inadvertently, the whole point of skiing is to...
Biodegradeable Tableware - Graft

Most Unique Vegetable Tableware

Swiss artist Qiyun Deng has taken the ugliness out of plastic utensils by creating this fantastic set of forks, knives and spoons. She used biodegradeable PLA materials...
House of Friction St. Gallen - Copyright by Kecko (Flickr)

Visiting the "House of Friction" Exhibit in St. Gallen

Swiss artist Christoph Büchel is known for creating rather challenging exhibits which require a good physical condition to manoeuvre...
Traveling Switzerland by Mayap92

Nostalgic Swiss Homes - Art Project

As part of a college art project, illustration student Maya created a timeline showing the various houses in Switzerland she had lived in throughout her life...

11 Whimsical Animal Drawings by Leupin

Leupin’s cheerful and brightly colored posters had a stunning visual impact, and the new approach became enormously successful in commercial art...
Street Art in Zurich - Cowboy

15 Pictures of Street Art in Switzerland

Street art has been thriving in Switzerland as of lately. A five minute train ride through any urban area is guaranteed to reveal less than a dozen un-sprayed surfaces anymore...
Salon du Chocolat - Thomas Müller Chocolatier

A Primer on Naïve Swiss Art from Appenzell

Switzerland is not particularly known for its art, but one of the most recognizable art styles in Switzerland is called naïve art...
Salon du Chocolat - Thomas Müller Chocolatier

The Latest Chocolate Innovations from Switzerland

How come Zürich never had a chocolate exhibit like the Salon du Chocolat before? This simple question hunted me the entire night at the opening event as I wandered among the melting chocolate flavors and finger-licking samples...