Three Kings Cake Recipe - Dreikönigskuchen

Our baking recipe for the traditional Three Kings Cake

Three Kings Day has to be among the favorite family traditions for many in Switzerland. It is celebrated annually on Epiphany, and Three Kings Cake is...
Swiss Baking - Basler Fastenwaehe Recipe

Baking Recipe: Basler Fastenwähe

By merely looking at it, you could call Fastenwähe a pretzel of sorts. But once you have tried this delicious and slightly chewy flatbread...
Ribizli sweetertainment - Alexandra and Timi

Learning to Bake and Decorate Cakes in Zürich

I first came across Ribizli sweetertainment when doing research for our 2012 Gift Guide. The name sounded very catchy, so the amateur baker inside of me wanted to find out what this Zürich based start-up is all about...