Vaud e-bike Tour - Avenches

I took an e-bike trip through time (with gâteau and wine)

The canton of Vaud's marketing slogan is "Lake Geneva Region", but it is far more diverse. On a recent e-bike tour, we saw Roman artifacts and...
Bicycling in Thurgau Bodensee

We found the perfect overnight Bicycle Trip in Thurgau

Switzerland is a tiny country, but it has more extensive networks for cycling, hiking and skating than you could try in your lifetime. Thurgau is only...
Juna Project - Brunello

Ride a Bike, Share a Bike - The JunaProject from Ticino

Everyone loves bicycles. They are fun and they keep you healthy. Plus, Switzerland's cities have bike sharing services. The JunaProject takes...
Bike Days Solothurn

Solothurn Bike Days - A Must for Fans of Bicycles

Everyone knows that the Swiss love to hike, but did you know that Switzerland is also a biking nation?
Zurich Bike Thru Cafe

Zürich's Bike Thru Café

Most people are familiar with drive-ins and drive-thrus for cars – but for your bike? Well, Zürich City Public Works thought that it was about time...