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Zürich’s Bike Thru Café

Zurich Bike Thru CafeThe Swiss are amongst the most active people in Europe and love their public transport. Nonetheless, the city of Zurich has realized that mobility may potentially cause problems in the future. In order to increase awareness of this and get people thinking of creative solutions, they have come up with "City Transport 2025", which is part of the larger "Zürich Strategies 2025."

Zurich Bike Thru CafeMost people are familiar with drive-ins and drive-thrus for cars - but for your bike? Well, Zürich City Public Works thought that it was about time that coffee lovers on their bikes got a chance to savour that black nectar of the gods from the comfort of their own bicycle.

The bike bar is constructed of two wooden elements that allow for the bicycle to be parked under the counter, as well as foot rests on each side to make sitting stable and comfortable.

The Velokafi is located on the terrace of the Rathaus Café in Zürich and will serve guests through April 13, 2013. What happens with this innovation afterwards is not yet clear. Maybe Starbucks Switzerland will invest in a few of these?

Canadian readers should suggest that Tim Horton's adapt this idea. Note the use of Swiss German in the sign: "Anefahre. Lüüte. Käfele." (Drive up. Ring. Enjoy your coffee).


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