Davos, Switzerland - Parsenn Skiing

Gourmands and skiers will equally like the Waldhotel Davos

We've skipped work early on this wintry Friday because we're headed for Davos, the magical Winter Wonderland in the Swiss Alps...
WEF - Security

Key Things to Know about the World Economic Forum

When 2500 of the world's business and political elites meet for the annual World Economic Forum, the mountain village of Davos will be in lockdown mode...
Graubunden 2022

Graubünden 2022: Olympic Dream or Nightmare?

Higher, faster, stronger. Those three words are the theme of the Olympic Games. Every two years, the countries do their best to come together and cheer on the world's best athletes. Yet for an institution that tries so desperately to unify the world, it does an amazing job of splitting apart communities.
Graubunden 2022

Davos - Where Dollars and Bills Hang Out

There has been a lot of flight traffic in the skies of Switzerland lately. At first, I thought there was a jailbreak and the cops are looking for the robbers. Then, I remembered that I am in Switzerland and that it is World Economic Forum season.