Posts - Swiss Fashion Ambassador Bastian Baker – From a Swiss Basement to International Music Stages

It all started in 2004, when two brothers-in-law decided to gain some e-commerce experience selling Swiss products around the world. is a...
Julia Winkler - Swiss Fashion Designer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days 2014

Studiowinkler - Where Tradition meets Fashion

In the very crowded fashion market today with talents abound, it can be hard to stand out. Julia Winkler of Studiowinkler is a Swiss fashion designer...
Jeanrichard - When Time Meets Fashion

When Time Meets Fashion - Jeanrichard in Zürich

Newly Swissed was recently invited by Zürich based PR agency PR/ticular to an exclusive event: "Time Meets Fashion" featuring Jeanrichard...
Swiss Underwear

My Bottoms are Covered in Edelweiss

You will never guess what I found yesterday at a Swiss department store! A life-sized bull wearing Swiss-themed underwear...

Venus & Furs by Yann Gross

Swiss photographer Yann Gross is the man behind the camera for this eclectic series. He was commissioned to capture the finalist designers of...

Swiss Tourists Win Bronze in Fashion Awards

Switzerland sticks out when it comes to fashion. Especially so when it comes to tourist fashion, apparently. According to a recent survey on the portal, Swiss tourists rank as...