World Compliment Day

Switzerland's Friendliest Person - World Compliment Day

The notion of the Swiss being an inherently cold people is not especially linked to recent political results. World Compliment Day is...
Pro Infirmis - Get Closer Video

"Because who is perfect?" - An Inspirational Campaign by Pro Infirmis

Pro Infirmis, a Swiss charity working to aid the integration of people with so-called "disabilities", has launched an inspirational campaign...
Bartek Elsner - International Radio Festival

Eye-Catching Boombox in Zürich

Promotions that “stick” often play off of opposites. What we tend to remember are smart wordplays or uncommon analogies...
Bartek Elsner - International Radio Festival

Urban Knitting Has Reached Switzerland

A new kind of activism has reached Switzerland from overseas: Urban knitting! Already popular in New York and Berlin, knitted street art has recently covered park benches and statues in major Swiss cities.