Urban Knitting Has Reached Switzerland

A new kind of activism has reached Switzerland from overseas: Urban knitting! Already popular in New York and Berlin, knitted street art has recently covered park benches and statues in major Swiss cities.

Urban Knitting Zurich (© Franziska Schmid)

Organized by the passionate knitters of Urban Knitting CH, complimentary wool kits were distributed via Facebook to Swiss activists.


On Sept 30, 2011, these alternative graffities were distributed all over Swiss cities to add some color to urban landscapes. These cheerful color accents were not welcome with the local police, however. Apparently, the knitted art was placed in the same category as sprayed graffitti and considered disruptive...



(Pictures copyright Urban Knitting CH)

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  1. Nikkole
    Nikkole says:

    I think knitting should be OK. I mean it comes off WAY easier than spray paint. If I were a police I would certainly prefer knitted graffiti.


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