Gobal Inspirations Design - Interview with Simone Aïda Baur

Our interview with Simone from Global Inspirations Design

Moving homes 25 times among seven countries on three continents. This is the track record held by Simone Aïda Baur, an interior designer...
Flatfox - Apartment Search Zürich

flatfox is an online apartment finder for Zürich

flatfox offers a level playing field for anyone interested in a particular apartment. With the traditional model, some clever applicants will go to...
Swiss Loans

Financing Your New Life in Switzerland (Sponsored Post)

Starting over in a new country is not easy, and financing your new life in Switzerland can be one of life’s biggest challenges. Switzerland, of course, welcomes thousands of expats each year...

The Good and Bad of Living in a Tax Haven

Every now and then, an article pops up talking about Zug, the tax haven, and how wonderful it is. It is wonderful, but along with the positives there are negatives...

A Primer on Zürich's Housing Boom

Due to high demand for housing and available mortgage rates as low as 1%, the real estate industry is still booming in Zürich...

10 Steps to Settling in Switzerland: Renting an Apartment (#2)

First, drink some lime blossom tea and breath deeply… I am…