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A Primer on Zürich’s Housing Boom

Zurich Housing Boom
Due to high demand for housing and available mortgage rates as low as 1%, the real estate industry is still booming in Zürich.

If you have a chance to go up the Grossmünster or the Prime Tower these days, you will have hard time taking a bird's-eye picture without those red or yellow cranes hovering over buildings. Whether working on new construction or renovations, those skinny iron giants are aimed at tens of millions of Francs per floor.

"Property is more expensive today than it was 10 years ago. Although, when you consider the inflation and the mortgages, we are living cheaper today than 10 years ago," comments Mrs. Jolanda Hirt, the owner of real estate agency Trust Immobilien who is specialized in the Zurich Lake region.

Buyer’s Mind

"In the past, investing in a property was something you thought through thoroughly. You would start a family, buy a house and stay in it," Mrs. Hirt describes the changes among home buyers in the past few years. "Today, most people look for a house that will fit their needs for a short period of time and then move on to the next."

With or Without a Realtor?

"My husband and several of our clients would not ask this question anymore," tells Mrs. Hirt, "since they know how complex the industry is and how much know-how is involved in the process until a contract can be signed."

As a family owned real estate agency, however, Mrs. Hirt finds that appealing to buyers can be achieved by paying close attention to details. "We know the market like no other. We have a small team that works very well together. Everything is home made, from articles to photographs, and is set to our customers' needs."

I can see the trend of going it alone as quite a challenge ahead for any cost conscious buyers who were thinking of skipping the professional services of a realtor.

Zurich Housing Boom

Mrs. Jolanda Hirt is an expert in the real estate field. The company Trust Immobilien is based in the Zurich lake region an has been taking their customers' wishes very seriously for the past 20 years.


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